Online Ordering 101

Learn How to Boost Sales 25% With Online Ordering

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Online Ordering has revolutionized the way restaurants profit from takeout.

Not only do customers LOVE how easy it is to place their order online or from their mobile phone… Online Ordering accounts for a serious increase — 25% is typical — in order volume and frequency of orders.

In other words… Online Ordering = More Sales.

In this 5-day crash course, the web design experts at Restaurant Engine, will teach you everything you need to know about Online Ordering, including:

  • 25% increase sales? Find out why.
  • How it works: Your customer’s order to your website to your kitchen to your bank account.
  • Mobile Online Ordering… De-Mystified
  • Setting up Online Ordering (plus, a bonus, printable Setup Checklist)
  • Promotional tips to attract more Online Orders.

Finally. A no-nonsense guide for restaurant owners like you, created to help you put the pieces together. After all, it’s not rocket science. But it is the future of the restaurant business, and now’s the time to get up to speed.

Get the Free 5-Day Crash Course Delivered to Your Inbox!