Marketing Boost

Restaurant Engine already helps you establish your presence on the web with a professionally designed, optimized website.

While your website is essential, there’s so much more you can do online (beyond your own website) to attract more visitors and convert more loyal, repeat customers.

Specifically, email marketing.

You know you should be keeping in touch using email newsletters. But who has the time to stay on top of all that, when you’re busy running your business?

This is what Marketing Boost is designed for. When you’re ready to up your game when it comes to marketing your restaurant online, we’re here to manage this piece for you.

It’s simple: You tell us what’s happening at your restaurant, we get the word out and keep traffic coming to your site (and to your door).

More Traffic. More Repeat-Business.

Here are the key benefits you can expect from just the first few months of Marketing Boost.

Attract New Customers

Everybody loves a great deal. Convert new email subscribers into paying customers by offering them an incentive like a coupon or special bonus.

Boost Customer Loyalty

By keeping in touch with your growing customer-base, you can encourage more repeat orders and stronger customer relationships.

Stay Connected With Your Community

A thriving restaurant wouldn’t exist without it’s thriving local community. Help your customers stay informed about what’s happening nearby to keep everyone connected and see more of those friendly faces 🙂

All Done-For-You

Give us a quick 5-minute update on what’s new at your restaurant and we’ll handle the rest!  We manage your email newsletters for you so you can focus on serving those customers.

Restaurant Web Design, Made Easy.

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