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How to Make Hiring Restaurant Staff Easier Using Shiftgig

You know how important your staff is to your restaurant.  They not only keep your operation running, they interact with your customers and make the face and personality of your restaurant.

So you know how crucial it is to hire the right people.  But that’s easier said than done.

You can’t hire just anybody off the street (or off craigslist).  They must have the right experience, the right personality… the right fit. It takes time to post your “Help Wanted” ads all over town, in the newspaper, on the job boards, on craigslists, etc.  After all of that legwork, you have to sift through the responses, narrow down your search, schedule interviews, then narrow down your short-list.  And we haven’t even begun training yet!

I’m exhausted just writing about the process of hiring restaurant employees!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easier way to staff up your restaurant?

As it turns out, there is.  I came across this website called Shiftgig a few weeks ago.  You know by now that I don’t usually promote a single site or service here on the Restaurant Engine blog unless I think it delivers a real benefit for restaurant owners.  ShiftGig is one of those rare exceptions 🙂

Shiftgig makes it easy to find hourly and salaried employees for your restaurant. Restaurant industry candidates have profiles that include work history, education, photos, and reviews/references. You can browse through thousands of great candidates or post a job for free.

You read that correctly – Stop paying for job boards or staffing agencies, because this tool costs you nothing. That should be enough, but let’s dig in a bit, shall we?

Browse and sort thousands of candidates that fit your criteria.

Shiftgig leverages its online community to simplify the often daunting task of finding qualified staff. With 240,000 members and over 7,000 businesses using the site (as of April 2013), Shiftgig provides employers and workers exactly what they need to find a perfect match. When restaurants post jobs, Shiftgig automatically shows them candidates who are most qualified for the position, thereby shortening the frustrating, time-consuming search process. Instead of combing through hundreds of resumes from Craigslist and walk-ins, you can use Shiftgig and save yourself the hassle, find more choices and get a better staff.

Detailed profiles for each candidate.

Detailed profiles for each candidate.

Here are few of my favorite aspects:

  • Free distribution to other job sites  — Job postings on Shiftgig are automatically included on more than two dozen “pay-to-post” websites for free
  • Create “Apply Now” Button on Craigslist and manage your craigslist applications through Shiftgig to reduce spam, limit inbox clutter and manage your hiring process online
  • Schedule and track interviews easily through Shiftgig’s online messaging system
  • Create filters to organize applicants based on experience, geography and other relevant information
  • Find the best applicants by easy accessing work history, references, photos, education, certifications and other critical hiring information
  • Re-post previous jobs easily with one click
  • Browse thousands of candidates based on keyword or geography

Get your staff search on at Shiftgig.

What do you think?  Will this be helpful in your hiring process at your restaurant?  Tell me in the comments.

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    I’m not familiar with Shiftgig but I think it is interesting to restaurants.
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