Reseller Service

restaurant-engine-resellerRe-sell Restaurant Engine Services to Your Clients

Do you work with restaurant clients and want to add value to the services you offer?  Looking for an easy way to provide web design service to your clients?

Restaurant Engine makes it easy to re-sell our web design service to your clients.

As a Restaurant Engine reseller, you can manage your client’s websites for them, without them ever seeing the name “Restaurant Engine” in any part of their website.

How it Works:

1.  You sign up as a Restaurant Engine customer.

To become a re-seller, simply sign up as a regular customer for Restaurant Engine, and create your first website in the process.

2.  Add a 2nd website, get 20% off for life.

Once you add two or more websites to your account, you’ll receive a 20% lifetime discount on all of your websites.

3.  Manage your client’s websites and bill them however you want

You’re free to charge your clients whatever and however you like.  All of your billing happens directly between you and your clients and is not managed by Restaurant Engine.  You can charge a setup fee, recurring subscription & management fees, or any combination of these.

4.  (Optional) Turn on “White Label Mode” and give clients their own login access

Want to give your clients login access to make their own edits to their website?  Simply enable “White Label Mode” and all references to “Restaurant Engine” will be hidden from the client’s website and dashboard.

Have questions about becoming a Reseller?  Contact us

Affiliate Program

Prefer a hands-off approach, where you can earn commissions for referring your clients to Restaurant Engine?  Then our Affiliate Program might be a better fit for you.
Learn more about the Affiliate Program