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10 Popular Appetizers Diners Are Craving Right Now

10 Popular Appetizers Diners Are Craving Right Now

You can draw your customers into the overall experience with your appetizer selection.

People order appetizers at your restaurant for many different reasons.

Some people simply want a smaller meal. They are controlling calories, and your appetizer menu is a good choice for them.

Others dine with you because they love your appetizers. These folks may order several different appetizers in lieu of a main course. You may even find others order appetizers to save a little money.

Regardless of the decision, appetizers have never been more popular. To help you with a few new menu additions, let’s look at 10 popular appetizers diners are craving right now.

#1: Flatbread “Pizza” Appetizers

This popular trend is hitting restaurants everywhere from small, local ones to larger national restaurants.

With the flatbread appetizer, you can showcase different pizzas with many different and unique toppings.

Flatbread is usually lighter than the traditional pizza, and often the appetizer flatbread option is plenty for one person for a main meal.

You can let your diners choose their toppings, or you can provide set flatbread appetizers. Either way, your diners will love this take on pizza.

#2: Ethnic Inspired Appetizers

For the last year, most of us haven’t been able to travel anywhere. Food has allowed us to experience other cultures without actually traveling.

This is the reason for the increase in popularity of ethnic inspired appetizers.

These appetizers include anything from kabobs and hummus to tempura, samosas, short ribs, and small bite tacos.

Chefs across the nation are even experimenting with their own versions of traditional ethnic appetizers.

#3: Vegetarian Appetizers

You most likely know that a diet driven by fruit and vegetables contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

A vegetarian diet is also generally more environmentally friendly as growing produce creates less carbon emissions than a herd of cattle. It also takes less water to grow produce than it does to keep livestock alive.

Because many people are searching for a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle, vegetarianism is on the rise. Thus, vegetarian appetizers are increasing in popularity. (tweet this)

Encourage your chef to create several vegetarian appetizer options on your menu because you’ll find your health-seeking diners will flock to those menu additions.

#4: Charcuterie Board Appetizers

A charcuterie board or plate usually includes at least three-five types of items. Most often they include meats and cheeses. These meats and cheeses are usually the best of the best.

But some restaurants are taking it a step further.

They are also including nuts, fresh fruit, olives, bread, crackers, pickles, fruit, spreads, condiments, and more.

In addition, most restaurants will encourage wine offerings with the charcuterie board appetizer.

While charcuterie boards are new in popularity in the United States, they’ve been around more than 100 years. The word, charcuterie, comes from the 15th century and the French words for flesh (chair) and cooked (cuit).

When you add the charcuterie board to your menu, you are free to be creative. Consider adding a very brief description of this type of plate to your menu so your customers can experience a bit of history with their menu.

#5: Cheese Based Appetizers

Americans love cheese, and many diners are looking to explore new types of cheese.

One of the newest popular appetizers is Burrata. This Italian cheese is hitting restaurants all over the country. It’s an Italian buffalo cheese that’s made from cream and mozzarella.

Diners love Burrata because of its great taste and it’s delightful, soft texture. Burrata is growing exponentially in popularity, so it’s a great choice for your appetizer menu – serve it with tomatoes, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a bit of salt.


Highlight your appetizer menu to draw more diners into your restaurant.

#6: Slider Appetizers

Sliders are always popular, and nothing has changed with regard to their place on your appetizer menu.

What your diners are craving right now is the unique slider. Get creative and move past the traditional beef slider. Consider adding creative toppings for added flair as your menu addition.

#7: Cauliflower Appetizers

In the same vein as vegetarian appetizers, cauliflower is receiving a lot of love from diners right now.

It’s a great alternative for traditional gluten crusts like pizza and flatbread crusts. It’s even great as “mashed potatoes.”

#8: Street Taco Appetizers

Small street tacos are the rage for diners right now.

Again, customers want something unique, and that applies to street tacos. Consider adding different flavors such as Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian, Latin American, and Caribbean.

Experiment with different meats, cheeses, sauces, and toppings for your new popular appetizers.

#9: Seafood Appetizers

Seafood continues to be top of the list for diners.

You can shake things up a bit with octopus and squid. Your diners will love a trip to the sea, and these are great menu additions to your appetizer menu.

In addition, seaweed is another popular appetizer from the ocean. With many health benefits, diners are intrigued by seaweed appetizers.

#10: Wing Appetizers

We finish with wings as popular appetizers. These will most likely always be on diner’s list.

Your goal when it comes to wings is to create your own signature dish. Go beyond the traditional spicy wing and bring something to your customers that fits your restaurant’s theme and flavor profile.

To Conclude

Small plates in the form of appetizers are enticing to your customers for so many reasons. Not only do they let diners sample a wider range of your offerings, but they are also smaller, less expensive, and shareable.

If your chef wants to get creative, appetizers are a good place to start. Why? You’ll find your diners are more adventurous with smaller portions. (tweet this)

So, take these 10 popular appetizers that diners are craving right now and add these delectable menu additions.

You’ll find that a strong appetizer menu will help draw in diners and encourage them to sample more of your unique dishes.

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