6 Tips for Using Emojis To Boost Sales

10 Tips for EmojisTo Boost Sales

Use emojis to engage your followers and increase your business.

Emojis began quietly enough in 1999 in Japan. First used on Japanese mobile phones, they’ve been growing in popularity ever since.

In 2015, Oxford Dictionaries even named an emoji (face with tears of joy) the Word of the Year. Perhaps even more startling is that six billion emojis are in use across the world on any given day.

Bottom line – emojis are everywhere. You might use them all the time, or perhaps you frown on their usage. The important point is that they’re here to stay, and your customers love them.

The obsession with emojis began with smartphones and text messaging, but they’ve now blossomed into use across social media platforms everywhere. In fact, they’re the fastest growing language in history.

As a restaurant owner or manager, what does this mean for you? It means you can leverage them to increase profits. Here are six tips for using emojis to boost sales.

#1: Know Your Target Audience

Choosing which emojis to use and when to use them is vital to your marketing success.

You’ll find numerous emojis available for use, so it’s important to have a firm grasp on their meaning, either overt or hidden.

It’s not a good idea to start using emojis without a strategy. You want to use emojis that resonate with your audience as you don’t want them to be off putting.

For example, you might choose one emoji to target Millennials and another one to target Baby Boomers. This might mean the difference between an Avant Garde emoji and a traditional smiley face. 

#2: Know the Meaning of the Emoji

Many brands have been caught unaware by using an emoji incorrectly. 

The reputation of your restaurant is always on the line. Don’t risk it by sharing an emoji that doesn’t mean what you think it means.

As you conduct your restaurant marketing, you want to stay up-to-date on trends, so you know just what emojis mean.

If you need a little help, visit Emojipedia. It’s an emoji dictionary, and it shares the latest news about emojis in general.

#3: Use Them in Campaigns

When you use emojis in campaigns, they really help your business stand out.

They add color to your text and can visually break up sentences.

Food emojis are everywhere, so picking one or two for your campaign shouldn’t be too difficult.  For example, if you offer a free pizza to diners on their birthday, you might include pizza, cake and birthday hat emojis.

Some restaurants not only use emojis in social media posts, but they use them in their SMS (text) marketing.

For example, you might run a cocktail campaign where users can text a cocktail emoji to you for a free drink during happy hour.

Using emojis in your marketing campaigns helps you attract attention and create loyalty.

Using Emojis

Emojis are best used with a plan in mind.

#4: Watch for Overuse

There is a time and place for emojis. And, there’s also a good number to use and a place where it’s overkill.

Emojis can seem gimmicky, so be careful to use the right ones at the right time. Use them when they make sense and not just for the purpose of using them.

It’s good to remember as well that quality is usually better than quantity. Use emojis organically and in spots where they make sense. For example, instead of writing, “Our special will make you happy,” you might use an emoji face in place of the word happy.

#5: Use Emoji Interactively

One unique way to use emojis is to get your audience involved. You already know that mobile and social media users are well-versed and familiar with emojis. They are also more than ready to use them.

So, make your audience part of your campaign. You can create contests or games using emojis. Center them around food, and you have a winning combination.

For example, you can post on social media and ask users to comment using not only a campaign hashtag but emojis as well. You might pose questions that users can only answer using emojis and then offer a prize.

However you choose to use emojis, plan a strategy for getting your customers involved. 

#6: Stay True to Your Brand

The emojis you choose should work with your brand and not against it.

For example, if your restaurant is classy and expensive, you don’t want to post or run a campaign that is littered with emojis. Perhaps it’s just a wine bottle emoji or a smiling face.

Yet, if your restaurant is fast casual, geared towards families and fun, you have room to use multiple emojis and more lighthearted ones.

Keep your restaurant’s brand message top of mind. Ask yourself if your chosen emoji would detract from it or offend someone in your audience. If the answer is yes or maybe, steer clear of that emoji. (tweet this) If the emoji works with your restaurant image and message, go for it.

Now, let’s look at why emojis work in the marketing arena.

Why Do Emojis Work

Emojis work because they are a fun way to get your message across. They are cute, fun, and the inspire people.

Simply put, emojis make people happy and that means your restaurant customers.

Just think about the last time you saw an ice cream emoji. It might have conjured up good memories of going out for ice cream with your parents or even your own children.

When used appropriately and with moderation, emoji marketing boosts your sales by engaging your customers and leaving them with positive feelings about your restaurant.

Your restaurant customers have already embraced emojis in their personal life, and you can piggy back on their use in your own marketing campaigns.

Connecting with potential and current customers on a personal level by using emojis makes your restaurant seem more accessible. It humanizes your brand and gives your audience good feelings about your business. (tweet this)

Final Thoughts

Now that you have six tips for using emojis to boost sales in your restaurant, it’s time to get started.

Make a plan for how you’ll use emojis in your social media and text campaigns and discuss strategy with your team.

Have fun and watch your engagement grow as your sales take off. 

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