Restaurant Marketing

Restaurants Raise Prices on Delivery Apps

Fees passed on to restaurants from third party delivery companies have become too expensive, and restaurants are responding. No one can blame them. With Yelp-listed restaurants reporting that 60% of…

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Improving Customer Experience for Your Restaurant Online

Improving Customer Experience For Your Restaurant Online

It’s important to work on improving customer experience for your restaurant online. Why? Because your website is often their first impression.

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Burger King’s $1 Whopper Challenge on Controversial TikTok Unrelated to Juneteenth

Burger King launched another viral campaign yesterday, a Whopper Challenge intended to grow its young audience on TikTok. Any TikTok user who posts a video with a specialized soundtrack plus…

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Operating Efficiency of Domino’s Pizza Tantamount to Google

Domino’s Pizza (NYSE: DPZ) went public in 2004, and it has delivered a superior return to its shareholders, better even than Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL). “It’s pretty amazing,” said Joe Weisenthal….

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10 Benefits of Promoting Your Restaurant on Instagram

5 Benefits of Promoting Your Restaurant on Instagram

Instagram is a visual platform and perfect for your restaurant. Let’s look at the 5 benefits of promoting your restaurant on Instagram.

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Black-Owned Restaurants Begin Trending on Social Media

Restaurant patrons are showing solidarity with the legacy of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter by supporting black business owners. The idea is to prioritize black-owned establishments to financially support…

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Unprecedented Changes for Michelin Star Restaurants

Goodbye Gotham Bar & Grill, hello Noma burger bar. Worldwide, over 85% of Michelin-starred restaurants are currently closed. Some closures are permanent, such as New York City’s Gotham Bar &…

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Restaurateurs Leverage Excess Alcohol for Cash Flow

Faced with mounting bills, many restaurant owners have been selling down their bottled reserves. Benefiting from long shelf life, unopened alcohol bottles are usually the most valuable tangible assets aside…

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Facebook Reminds Restaurant Owners to Prevent Fake Reviews

  Facebook will be ramping up enforcement of fake reviews of restaurants this year, company executive Nicola Mendelsohn told BBC Radio today. She sympathized with restaurants looking to reopen due…

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Coffee Chains Assist Front-Line Workers with Free Drinks, Masks

For some coffee drinkers, walking into Starbucks is as normal for their everyday routine as regulars strolled into the 1980s sitcom “Cheers.” Baristas know their customers’ go-to drinks and names…

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