Restaurant Mobile Website Design

Your Restaurant’s Mobile Website is one of the most important aspects in your overall restaurant website design strategy. Customers are searching for places to dine when they’re out and about,…

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Costs of Managing a Restaurant Website

After looking at the costs of starting a restaurant website, next you should understand what the costs of maintaining or managing your restaurant website be. That’s what I cover in…

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Costs of Starting a Restaurant Website

As you consider the costs of starting a restaurant, it’s important that you break down every piece of the puzzle.  For instance, one important part is to plan your restaurant’s…

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Costs of Starting a Restaurant Website (overview)

Starting a restaurant website the right way means setting the right budget. But in order to do that, you must understand the costs involved in starting a restaurant website, or else you’ll…

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PDF Menus Frustrate Visitors to Your Restaurant Website (Here’s a Better Solution)

Too many restaurant websites rely on PDF Menus for showcasing their food online, when in fact, this has proven to frustrate your visitors. In this video, I show you a…

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Is Your Flash Website Costing Your Restaurant Customers?

If you’re serious about attracting restaurant customers to your website in 2012 and beyond, then you should NOT be using Flash. This video breaks down 3 crucial reasons why your…

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