Costs of Starting a Restaurant Website

As you consider the costs of starting a restaurant, it’s important that you break down every piece of the puzzle.  For instance, one important part is to plan your restaurant’s marketing budget.

Your restaurant’s website is a key piece to market yourself online.  This video sheds light on the costs of starting a restaurant website so that you’re better informed to make the right decisions for your new venture.

There are a number options to consider when setting a budget for restaurant website design. This video series covers both the up-front costs of starting a restaurant website, as well as the ongoing costs of managing your restaurant website.

Website design is a key piece of the puzzle when starting a restaurant and it’s important to understand your costs from the get-go. That’s why aim of this video and the others in this series is to explain these concepts in simple terms.

The key ideas I uncover in this video are:

  • What are the up-front costs of restaurant website design?
  • What are the 3 options restaurants should consider when budgeting for website design?
  • How does time play into this important decision?

Go ahead and press play on the video above.  Then tell me what you think in the comments (or send me an email).

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