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PDF Menus Frustrate Visitors to Your Restaurant Website (Here’s a Better Solution)

Too many restaurant websites rely on PDF Menus for showcasing their food online, when in fact, this has proven to frustrate your visitors.

In this video, I show you a better alternative to PDF menus, which gives your visitors what they want, and helps turn them into customers.

Now, don’t get me wrong, sometimes you may want to offer PDF menus as an additional way to access your menus.  However, it shouldn’t be the only way to see your food menus.  For example, your online food menus should be the focal point of your website.  But you may want to offer a small link to download your menu in PDF format, in case someone needs to print it.  This can be convenient for those wishing to print and keep a delivery/take-out menu.

But again, don’t rely solely on PDF menus on your restaurant website!

3 responses to “PDF Menus Frustrate Visitors to Your Restaurant Website (Here’s a Better Solution)”

  1. HATI Solutions says:

    Pricing is paramount on menus, guests need to know if they can afford a great time at your restaurant, so don’t me arrogant and say if you need to know the prices at our restaurant, you cant afford the experience, so don’t bother to come. Don’t lose potential guests by excluding prices, because if they don’t know the cost, they won’t come. And don’t allow either embarrassing situation of guests booking and turning up to find out it is out of their budget or they have to compromise and settle for a main course and a bottle of water, rather than the 3 course culinary extravaganza washed down with juicy wines, that they had dreamt about!

  2. I agree with you.
    Also I’m frustrated about restaurant menu without pictures.

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