Brewing Up Customers With Better Coffee Shop Websites

Coffee shops are often an integral part of people’s lives. Whether your customers use your coffee shop as a place to do business, meet friends or enjoy lunch, it is probably a regular part of the lives of your customers.

It’s only natural then that you should use your coffee shop website to build stronger relationships with your customers and reach out to new customers.

Why Should I Care About my Coffee Shop Website?

Your coffee shop website is an excellent avenue to build relationships with your customers and attract new customers. In most towns and cities, there are tens if not hundreds of coffee shops all competing with each other.

Standing out from the competition by ensuring your website is the one potential customers come across when searching for coffee shops in Google, and by providing a useful and informative online service, you’re telling potential customers that your service in-house is just as good as the one you provide via your website.

How Do I Improve my Coffee Shop Website?

Below, we have provided several ideas to help you improve your website. Remember, at Restaurant Engine we provide a service that allows you to make the most of all the ideas listed below. View our coffee shop website template for more details.

Start a Blog

While blogging has always been an excellent way to improve your search engine rankings and attract customers to your business, it’s even more attractive for you, the coffee shop owner, because a large percentage of your clientele will be tech savvy. Some of them may even be writing their own blogs from your coffee shop.

Try to write regular blog posts about events in and around your coffee shop, and write about the topics of conversation you find yourself talking about in your coffee shop.

Build a Useful Mobile Website

While many of your customers may ‘sit in’ when they arrive at your coffee shop, many more will also buy ‘to go’. People are busy and on the go more than ever. As a result, mobile devices are becoming increasingly important in the effort to attract and retain customers.

Starbucks recently announced it has invested $25m in Square, an electronic payment service founded by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, a service in which credit cards are slotted into a small device connected to a smartphone in order to pay for products.

Starbucks customers loaded more than $1.5 billion on to their Starbucks cards in 2010, a service which allows you to pay via mobile device. It’s obvious then that coffee shop customers play a high value on mobile devices and as such you must ensure your website is mobile-ready.

Publish Descriptive Menus

Publishing a menu is good, but publishing a descriptive and informative menu is even better.

Coffee and tea drinkers are often passionate about the ingredients, preparations, history and story behind their drink. And as a coffee shop owner, we’re sure you are too.

By using your website menu to showcase this information, customers will feel more at ease about trying new types of coffee, and will feel more at home in your coffee shop compared to the others in your neighbourhood.

Do you regularly update your coffee shop website? Do you have a mobile-ready website? Let us know by commenting below.

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