How to Use to Get More Restaurant Customers

GetListed.Org for Restaurants

GetListed.Org for Restaurants is a great tool to increase new customers.

If there’s a free service to help you reach more customers, you should be using it.

GetListed is no exception – it’s especially geared toward businesses in the service industry.

Why use GetListed?

GetListed is primarily an SEO tool. It helps your restaurant show up first in Internet searches.

For example, someone looking for an Italian restaurant in Chicago might search ‘Michigan Avenue pasta.’ GetListed helps you include these keywords in your online presence, so you’re more likely to show up first on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

How does this work? GetListed simply pushes your SEO strategy in the right direction. What busy restaurant owner really has the time to monitor SEO for dozens of different listings? GetListed acts as your central dashboard to make sure your web presence is at maximum capacity.

GetListed doesn’t just help you with getting more traffic to your listings. It also puts make sure the right kind of information is being presented to people who end up on your site. Information like your address, contact numbers, reviews, and menu items – stuff that get’s more people in the door.

Complete and SEO-friendly listings matter. Recent industry research suggests that local businesses are losing $10 billion a year because of incomplete listings. (tweet this)

Don’t be one of them! Use GetListed to convert curious internet surfers to loyal customers.

Optimize your listings

SEO Restaurants

Can customers find your restaurant? can help.

I’ve mentioned the importance of claiming your listings on Yelp, Google and Yellow Pages here and here. Use GetListed to claim your listings on these sites (and more) from one convenient location.

Start by searching your business according to your zip code.

Follow the link for your restaurant’s name. A page will show up with some basic info on your listings.

I’ve done a search of Sam’s Anchor Cafe for demo purposes. Notice the ‘listings rating’ in the top right corner. At the time of this search, GetListed says Sam’s is taking advantage of free online listings to about 62% percent of their potential.

Not bad, but how could they do better?

Beneath the header you’ll see a few categories where Sam’s could improve. There’s a missing listing on Hotfrog that Sam’s could remedy, as well as several unclaimed listings on sites like Yellow Pages and CitySearch.

Further down you’ll see the “Found Listings” for Sam’s on leading sites like Google and Yelp. GetListed is prompting us to review the info and fill in the blanks. That way it will be much easier for online surfers to find Sam’s and get a really good idea of the cafe, no matter what type of search engine or directory they use.

When you find your own restaurant’s profile on GetListed, use the handy “To Do” tab to boost your listings score. Fill in missing information and claim your restaurant on every available site.

Monitor your page

After you work through your initial “To Do” list, keep heading back to the dashboard to check for updates. GetListed is working around the clock to find new directories and listing sites. If you monitor your page, you can jump on those opportunities as soon as they come up.

This brings me to the “Reviews” feature. Take a look at how GetListed has gathered reviews of Sam’s Anchor from different sites into one tab. Customers have put in their two cents all over the web, from Google to Yelp, to Foursquare and CitySearch. Scrolling down, you’ll get a pretty good idea of the café’s atmosphere, food quality and status as a San Francisco landmark.

A good review on GetListed is worth more than any paid advertisement. (tweet this)

Use the “Reviews” tab to track your own restaurant’s customer feedback. It’s a one-stop way to learn your strengths and improve on any criticism. The more you respond, the more people will keep coming back!

Feature your reviews

GetListed also helps you identify the best reviews as soon as they come up. Use it to pick the most stellar customer comments and feature them on your own website. It takes less than five minutes to check for new reviews.

Want to reach even more potential customers? Post the best reviews on Twitter and Facebook.

The more recent the better. When someone hears about an amazing experience at your restaurant last week, they might get that immediate desire to make a reservation for themselves.

Restaurant Engine can help you seamlessly feature your best reviews on your official site.

Note: Unfortunately GetListed has suspended their international service until later this year. U.S restaurants, you can still take advantage right now!

Have you used GetListed? Share your experience and insight with other restaurant owners in the comments.

Photos by GetListed? and Mauritius Restaurants

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  1. Ashwin Ramesh says: is now Moz Local. I’m a little biased, but I think does a better job than GetListed when it comes to scanning multiple directories and helping you understand how you’re listed.

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