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Do you write articles related to the restaurant industry and would like to have it featured on our blog?

Restaurant Engine welcomes YOU!

Blog Writers; Guest Post Writers we like to feature your insights and unique input about the restaurant industry and everything related with.

As much as we love to feature all of YOU certain standards for guest post submissions will be set and quality is the highest determining factor for all posts that are submitted to Restaurant Engine.

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Most Popular Topics

Guest posts should be 100% relevant to Restaurant Engine blog and the reader base. Most Popular topics include:

1.  Restaurant Business

2.  Restaurant Web Design

3.  Social Media

4.  Restaurant Mobile Websites

5.  Restaurant Video Marketing

The top priority with the topic choice is relevance. Your topic must be interesting, unique, and restaurant material.

What needs to be considered about guest posts

Guest writers need to come prepared with at least a few topics when submitting post requests. Guest post requests that do not include clear relevance and unique ideas will not be accepted; and due to the volume of requests received, we may not be able to respond to these submissions.

Guest Posts must be at least 1,500 words. Longer posts are okay provided the content offers value to the reader, helpful to the restaurant industry and engaging.

We highly recommend to set the first link in your guest to post to link to another article on Restaurant Engine blog. Thereafter, you are permitted to include a couple of additional links back to your site – within reason. Generally, two or three, max. These links should be included naturally within the writing and not come across as salesy.

Restaurant Engine reserve the right to qualify backlinks included within the guest post when the “rel” value don’t apply.

Always include citations for images that are not CCO-License or in the public domain (you must have legal permission to use all images in your post).

Observe proper headings (h2, h3, etc) within the content. A guest post without any headings will be disregarded outright. Additionally, write using smaller paragraphs whenever possible.

Guest posts should be proofread with no writing errors before they are submitted. Posts that contain numerous errors will be disregarded.

Publishing Process

The first step in this process is completing the form above. Be sure to get your topic idea approved; then you are free to begin writing the article.

We prefer a shared Google Doc, but you can also be submit it as an attachment to an email or straight in the body of an email.

Once your guest post is received, we will review it and inform you of any changes. We make an effort not to change the meaning of the piece but reserve the right to perform alterations where applies.

Once officially accepted, we will prep it into an official post and schedule for publishing.

Be guided that guest posts can either rejected or deleted for any reason.

After Publishing

Once published, we encourage you to share it with your social media following as you like. There is no minimum number of shares or mentions that you must make of the post, but the more popular the guest post is, the more referral traffic your website will receive.

You are more than welcome (and encouraged) to respond to any comments that the guest post receives, especially those that pertain to you.

You may NOT republish the guest post on any other site, including yours. If we find that it has been republished, it may be removed from this blog, and your chances of publishing another guest post in the future may also be removed. Guest posts are written ONLY for this blog.

Happy Writing!