How to Increase Sales And Become More Efficient With Restaurant Online Ordering

Restaurant Online Ordering

People use their phones for everything today including restaurant online ordering.

Having a website is a necessity for most businesses these days including restaurants. There is also an emerging trend in the restaurant industry that is increasing sales and making restaurants more efficient: restaurant online ordering.

For restaurants, customers are visiting a website to learn more about what the establishment has to offer – including; you guessed it, the menu.

In the past, a restaurant website needed essential things like menu and location, but today, consumers expect even more.

According to one recent study, 69% of consumers have ordered food online with their mobile device. (tweet this)

If you own a restaurant, online ordering should be a central part of your website. Why? – Because it allows customers to order from the convenience of their location; and in today’s day and age, the general public is all about convenience.

With online ordering, you’re giving more customers more opportunity to order your food. They don’t need to call, which is handy if they’re somewhere, like an office, where they don’t want to call. You might also win sales because you have online ordering and your competition doesn’t.

Online ordering also makes most restaurants more efficient. You can use selection items in the process to ensure customers get what they want. They might make a mistake or two on occasion, but it’s better than trying to understand someone over a fuzzy phone connection or from someone that mumbles when they talk.

Here are the steps to implementing online ordering for your restaurant so you can increase sales and become more efficient.

Step 1 – Launch Online Ordering

Red Tractor Restaurant Online Ordering

Feeling hungry? Red Tractor’s customers can easily order a pizza on the restaurant’s website.

This is the obvious first step.

There are a few different solutions out there to choose from and we don’t want to sound biased (okay, maybe we do), but Restaurant Engine clients get a great online ordering solution from OpenDining.

Step 2 – Update Your Menu

It stands to reason that if you want to increase your sales through online ordering, your online menu should be a central component of your website. Your menu should be easy to locate, it should be easy to read, include thorough descriptions and it should include a complete listing of all of the items that you offer.

The more descriptive, thorough and easy to read your menu is, the easier it will be for your customers to see what you have to offer, which will certainly increase your sales and make the entire ordering process more efficient.

Step 3 – Allow for Modifications

Not everyone likes food as it comes. Your customers may want to 86 tomatoes from a sandwich, or they may want to change out a cheese. Make it easy for your customers to modify their orders from your website and you’ll make them super happy and boost your sales. (tweet this)

People like to have things their way, and allowing them to modify what they order online will do wonders for your online ordering and your success. It usually easier to see custom orders through an online form instead of writing everything down over the phone.

Step 4 – Add Delivery And/Or Pickup Services

If your restaurant has the ability to do so, offer delivery of menu items. Offering delivery makes the process of ordering food from your establishment even easier and stands to boost your sales even more. If you do choose to offer delivery, make it easy for your customers to input the address where they would like the food to be delivered – this will not only make ordering online easier for your customers, but it will make it easier for you.

Step 5 – Offer An Estimated Time

Your customers will need to know when to pick up the items they have ordered online or when their orders will be delivered. Once they place an order, offer an estimated time for pickup right on your website. This only adds to the convenience of online ordering and makes your customers even happier.

You can give a time range or if you’re really good an exact time, but a range is perfectly acceptable.


Allowing your customers to pay for their online purchases on your website will simplify the process even more. Your customers will appreciate being able to order and pay for their food right from their computer or portable device. All that is left for them to do is stop in and pick up their order.

What could be easier?

So many restaurants are using online ordering. Some establishments that have mastered the process of online ordering include Red Tractor Pizza, Bobby O’s BBQ and Chile Peppers Mexican Eatery.

Need help making the most of online ordering for your restaurant? Contact us for a free consultation today and we will help you decide the most effective ordering process for your website and you can start enjoying a definite increase in your sales.

Image: Alan Wolf

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