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How a Southern Restaurant Became a Big Success on the East Coast

Restaurant Engine Podcast #3


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In This Episode…

We spoke with Greer “Peaches” Fredericks, who started Mama’s Boy Southern Table & Refuge Restaurant a year ago in Norwalk, Connecticut. With an authentic southern menu, Mama’s Boy has generated a big buzz in short time – and even been reviewed in the New York Times and featured on The Cooking Channel!

Listen in and learn:

  • Why Mama’s Boy was a lifelong research project for Greer, and how it finally all came together a year ago
  • The unique ways Greer keeps her customers loyal and feeling appreciated
  • Why creating the ambiance of Mama’s Boy has been a labor of love, and how it has contributed to such success

Find out how Greer spent years cataloging and refining her ideas until her dream restaurant finally came to be, and how she continues to manage it today with a unique perspective on what Mama’s Boy’s offers to to their customers.

Featuring authentic menu items like southern-style Shrimp & Grits, Grilled Fried Chicken Biscuits, Four Cheese Mac n’ Cheese, and desserts like Coconut Cake and Chocolate Pecan Pie, Mama’s Boy is an experience of the South that east coast residents might otherwise never have. In addition, Mama’s Boy’s famous Sunday brunch features live music, and was part of Greer’s business plan from the beginning.

Greer also shares the one thing she might have done differently starting out her restaurant, while recognizing it was probably meant to be!

Find Mama’s Boy Southern Table & Refuge on the web at:

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