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How A Specialty Menu and Two Restaurants Keep Owner Busy Year-Round

Restaurant Engine Podcast, Episode #2

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In This Episode…

We spoke with Tiffany Lach, who started Sola Café & Bakery in Bozeman, Montana six years ago – and recently opened Red Tractor Pizza less than two miles away. You’ll hear about:

  • Tiffany’s lifelong experience in the restaurant industry, which started helping at her father’s five restaurants
  • How Tiffany manages a farm-to-table philosophy and gluten-free options for her loyal fan base
  • How a kitchen fire led to a new location and resulted in a second, completely different restaurant
  • Why continuously supporting cultural events and donating to local charities has been instrumental to her business

We learn why Tiffany made the decision to offer gluten-free options from the very beginning and what was behind it. She shares her menu strategies and the reasons for her focus on sourcing ingredients locally – and how she manages such a diverse selection.

Specializing in breakfast, lunch and decadent (yet allergy-free) baked goods, Sola is a hit with both locals and tourists that visit Bozeman. Red Tractor Pizza offers “the best gluten-free crust ever”,  soy-free options and even dairy-free pesto! Every pizza is hand-made in an enormous wood-fired brick oven that has been built-in to the building for decades.

Tiffany, a lifelong entrepreneur, offers a unique perspective on how she makes things work so well at both restaurants, and how different marketing techniques have worked for her over the years.

Find Sola Café and Red Tractor Pizza on the web at: &

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