How Your Restaurant Can Benefit With These 2014 Technologies

Restaurant Technology

Let customers order from their table with new technology.

It used to be that the main focus of a restaurant was creating and selling good quality food and drinks.

While this is still certainly one of the most important aspects of running a restaurant, in 2014, there is a new point of focus in the restaurant industry: Technology.

In today’s day and age, technology is what makes the world go ‘round, and that includes the restaurant industry. Technology helps to spread the word about an establishment, allows restaurant owners to provide better service, and simplifies the process of running a business.

The bottom line: If you own a restaurant today, you need to be aware of the trends in technology in order to make the most of your business. Technology changes so rapidly that if you want to be a success, you really have to keep current with these trends.

In 2014, there are definite technological trends that restaurant owners can benefit from and should be taking advantage of. Keep on reading to find out what they are and how 2014 technologies can benefit your business.


Many restaurants now make it possible for customers to order from their tables or at the counter.

New software makes it possible for guests to browse through menu items, make and customize their selections and then send their orders right to the kitchens of restaurants, all from a tabletop interface, a kiosk, or even through a smartphone or tablet.

Thanks to such technology, the process of ordering food from restaurants has really been simplified, and guests have the ability to get exactly what they want – which makes for happy, repeat customers.

The automation can also lessen your costs in the long run. (tweet this)

Portable Point-of-Sale

Your servers can say goodbye to pads of paper and pens; now they can take their guests orders with a portable point-of-sale device.

With such devices, servers can input exactly what it is that the customer wants to order as they are ordering it. The order will go directly to the kitchen, where production can begin right away. This increases and speeds up order accuracy, which minimizes food waste and loss of money and increases productivity and sales. These portable point-of-sale devices can include iPods, smartphones, tablets and specialty terminals that are made specifically for this purpose.

Digital Payment

PayPal Here Mobile Payments for Restaurants

Take payments right at the table with PayPal Here.

With the increased use of digital payment processors, such as Square and PayPal, restaurants are starting to see the benefit of using them. They make processing payments a whole lot faster and easier.

In 2014, customers can use these digital payment processors to pay their tab, which is good for customers and business owners alike. (tweet this)

Order Preparation Management Systems

Restaurants are saying goodbye to those big, bulky display boards that illustrate how to properly present food. They are also saying goodbye to those big clocks that are used to track preparation time.

Order preparation management systems are replacing these antiquated elements, making the process of preparing food easier and more accurate. Plus, they connect servers, kitchen staff and managers so that they can all keep abreast of what is going on with food preparation.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have had a place in the restaurant industry for a few years, and in 2014, they will continue to be used.

However, this year, they are more advanced than ever before. They will make it easier for customers to connect with restaurants, allowing them to have easy access to menus and to place orders right from their mobile devices with complete ease.

Technology has certainly had an effect on virtually every facet of the world, including restaurants.
Thanks to these technological advances, customers and restaurants are enjoying a more intimate relationship, which is allowing for a definite increase in satisfaction. Thanks to this increased satisfaction, restaurant owners are enjoying more success.

What type of technologies are you planning on using for your restaurant in 2014?

If you need help deciding what type of technology to make use of, contact us today to set up a free consultation. We can help you determine what technology will provide you with the biggest benefits.

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