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Social Proof: The Secret Benefit of Social Media for Restaurants

Restaurant Events Social Proof

Does your restaurant have events. Share those on social media to build your following.

Social media is the wave of the future in the business world – and that wave is here.

Are you riding it for your business?

On a personal level, how often do you use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media channels?

When you scroll through these sites, the posts that capture your attention the most are those that have tons of comments, shares and likes, right?

The more popular something appears, the more attention it is going to attract, and in the world of social media, popularity is determined by likes, comments and shares.

Social Proof

According to a study, 92% of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and family. (tweet this)

Referred to as ‘Social Proof’, this is a trend associated with social media.

It suggests that users of social platforms think that the opinions and thoughts of others determine a proper or desirable behavior. The thought process behind this idea is that people naturally assume others are more knowledgeable. Most people don’t want to be the first to try something out. They don’t want to be the ‘guinea pig’, if you will.

It’s far too risky.

If the general population shows a tendency to like something, well then, that something, whatever it may be, must hold value.

So, what does all of this ‘Social Proof’ and social media mean to your restaurant? Well, logic dictates that the more people like, comment and talk about your restaurant, the more customers you are going to attract.


Because the more buzz that surrounds your business via social media, the more attention you’re going to attract. After all, the more popular your business is, the more value it holds.

Let’s look a little deeper into the benefits of social media for your restaurant:

Offers Referrals

Let’s say you want to go out for dinner and you want to try someplace new.

You have seen this great new restaurant in town, but you are hesitant to try it out because you aren’t sure how it will be. And let’s face it. You don’t want to spend money on a meal that could be mediocre or less.

This new restaurant you are considering has a social media profile. Tons of people are talking about the restaurant. They are raving about the food, the ambiance, the price, etc.

Thanks to this information, you decide to make a reservation. And just like that, the restaurant’s social media profile served as a fantastic reference.

Now, apply that thought to your establishment and you’ll have tons of referrals – and more people walking into your doors.

Builds Your Credibility

Just like social media serves as a referral to your business, it also helps to build your credibility.

The more people are talking about your restaurant on social media, the more credible your restaurant appears.

Naturally, if the masses have nothing but good things to say about their experience with you, others are going to also assume that they are going to have an excellent experience.

Enhances The Experience

Great food isn’t the only thing that people are looking for when they eat out – they are looking for an experience. (tweet this)

Social media helps to boost the experience that people have with your restaurant. They are able to share pictures and share their thoughts and ideas, which enhances their experience with your restaurant.

The more people are sharing their experiences with your establishment, the more others are going to be intrigued and the more likely they will be to desire the same experience.

If you saw that your friends tweeted a picture of a scrumptious meal and added that they had an amazing evening at such and such restaurant, wouldn’t you be intrigued and interested in having the same experience?

The power of social media is in the social proof. If you aren’t yet experiencing this power for your establishment, you need to go ahead and grab that social media wave. You won’t believe what a powerful effect it will have on your business.

Next Steps

Restaurant Drinks Social Proof

Share pictures of favorite drinks on your social profiles.

By now you realize the power of social proof for your restaurant.

It’s time to take action.

Here are a few action steps to get you going.

Step 1: Launch Your Social Media Profiles

The first step is launching your social media profiles if you haven’t already. Focus on the ones that are most likely to help your restaurant first. We find that Facebook is a great one.

If you’re a small business without much time to dedicate to social media it’s better to focus on one profile instead of spreading yourself too thin.

Here is a complete list of our posts on social media for restaurants.

Step 2: Build Your Following

This isn’t an easy part and it doesn’t happen overnight.

Start by having all your friends, employees and anyone else you can think of follow your restaurant on your social profiles.

Then ask your customers that come in to follow your profile.

Make it worth their while by uploading images, posting company updates and giving away things like cooking tips or recipes.

Step 3: Use Social Proof On Your Website

Once you’ve built up your following, showcase the followers counts on your website.

Each social media site usually has follow buttons that you can use on your website that will show everyone how many followers you have.

Facebook has the Like Box.

The others have similar widgets.

Follow those steps and you’ll be taking advantage of social proof in no time.

Go get started!

Have you used social proof to help your restaurant? Share your experiences in the comments. We want to hear from you.

Photos by Nathan Peck and Kersten

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