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10 Ideas for Restaurant Photos to Share On Your Website and Social Media

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Make customers mouth water by sharing images of your food.

It has been say that a picture is worth a thousand words; and in the world of business, a picture can be worth thousands of dollars.

People are naturally drawn to images. Photos instantly grab attention; paint a clearer picture of what customers can expect and simply inspire.

If you own a restaurant, posting photos to your website and your social media pages can make all the difference in the world. Posting images will attract more customers, which will naturally increase your revenue and boost your success.

While there’s no denying the impact that pictures can have, you may be wondering what types of pictures will give you the biggest bang. Here are 10 fantastic suggestions:

1. Your Storefront

The first thing people see when the approach your restaurant is the storefront; you know, the front of your building.

By posting images of the front of your restaurant, your followers – especially those who have never been to your restaurant before – will be able to immediately identify it when the approach it in real life.

2. Your Signage

Just like your storefront, posting images of your signage will allow your customers to automatically equate your restaurant with its signs.

Think of your sign as the logo of your business, and logs help people relate a business with a specific product. By posting images of your signs, a picture of your business will automatically be painted in the minds of your customers when they your signs.

3. Your Food

Of course, you are going to want to post images of your food!

Your food is the bread and butter of your restaurant. Posting images of your best menu items will make your followers mouths water and lure them in to dine with you. (tweet this)

4. Your Menu

Restaurant Photos Menu

Let customers know what type of food you serve by posting pictures of your menu. You could even create special menus to show only with your social media followers.

Let customers see what you have to offer by posting photos of your menu. While you may not want to share your entire menu (leave some things a surprise), post your best selling items.

5. Your Drinks

Do you serve specialty drinks at your restaurant? If so, how about posting photos of them. Libations are just as important as food, and people will be delighted to know what type of spirits (and non-spirits) they will be able to imbibe at your establishment.

Just think of how much attention you will attract by posting an image of a tall, frothy, perfectly poured mudslide with the perfect amount of whipped cream on top.

6. The Dining Room

Let customers know what type of experience they will have by showing images of your dining room. People like to know what type of atmosphere they can expect before they arrive at a restaurant.

Does your restaurant have a laidback atmosphere? Is it more posh?

7. Your Bar

If the bar is a focal point of your restaurant, share images of it. People who are looking for a place to hang out and enjoy a few drinks will be delighted to know that your bar is the perfect place for them to do just that.

8. Special Events

Do you host special events at your restaurant? Parties for special occasions? Celebrations of different holidays? Do you have bands perform? If so, make sure you post images of these special events.

9. The Customers

People will love seeing other people having a good time at your restaurant, and posting images of your customers eating, drinking and having a good time will attract even more customers. Of course, make sure you get their permission first. (tweet this)

10. Your Staff

Let your followers know how bright, cheery and friendly your staff is by sharing photos of them. These pictures will also help to give a face to the name of your restaurant.

Photos can make such a huge difference in the success of your restaurant. Posting images to your website and your social media profiles will make your restaurant come to life on the World Wide Web and will definitely help to draw in more customers.

What types of images are you sharing? Which ones have been the most effective?

Image courtesy of Arabesque Cafe and Denis Dervisevic

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