10 Restaurateur Blogs You Should Be Reading

Over the last ten years blogging has rapidly moved forward to become one of the prime learning resources of those looking for advice, first-hand experience, and a gateway to build relationships with others in the same industry or with the same hobbies. We’ve recently spoken about starting a restaurant blog, and it’s no surprise that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of restaurateur blogs talking about restaurant start-ups, restaurant management and restaurant marketing.

Whether you are looking to start your first restaurant, trying to find like-minded business-people, searching for new marketing methods for your restaurant, or just looking to keep up to date with the industry, reading restaurateur blogs from real people experiencing real restaurateur issues is a fantastic way to learn and continually move your restaurant forward. Below, we have listed ten of our favourite restaurateur blogs that we feel you should be reading.

TheBlackBoard.net – TheBlackBoard.net

Written by ‘Livebookings’, Europe’s largest online marketing and reservations service for restaurants, ‘The Black Board’ focusses upon restaurant marketing techniques and tips, provided primarily by Louise Routledge and Magnus Hultberg, two people who have extensive restaurant marketing experience behind them.

Start-Up Chronicle – blogs.nytimes.com

While now discontinued, this still serves as an excellent resource for restaurateur’s the world over, as Bruce Buschel takes you through his journey of starting his own fish restaurant. With stories from dogs in his kitchen, to tugs of war with inspectors, Bruce’s stories are funny, engaging and informative.

The Bar Blogger – TheBarBlogger.com

Updated daily by Barry Chandler, a man with nearly 20 years experience in the hospitality industry, ‘The Bar Blogger’ provides news, tips, strategies and ideas to help run a profitable and successful food and beverage business.

Spirocks.com – Spirocks.com

Spiro Pappadopoulos has over 21 years’ experience running small businesses in the hospitality industry and uses this experience to share his marketing advice tailored specifically for restaurants.

Restaurant Reality Check – restaurantnewsandviews.blogspot.com

Peter Romeo shares his views on restaurant management and marketing, using over 30 years’ experience to put his unique twist on the important and recent news in the hospitality industry.

Restaurant Marketing Blog – RestaurantMarketingBlog.com

Restaurant marketing tips provided by Joel Cohen, one of the country’s top marketing authorities. With blog posts such as “Restaurant Marketing & The Social Media Dilemma: Time Dump or Money Winner?“, Joel talks in-depth about how to market your restaurant to the right audience using the most rewarding methods.

O’Dell Restaurant Consulting – Blog.BodellConsulting.com

Written by Brandon O’Dell, a business consultant specialising in food services for more than 20 years, this excellent blog provides practical advice regarding running and managing your restaurant, including 20 steps to lowering your food or liquor costs.

OPEN Forum – OpenForum.com

While OPEN Forum is less specific to restaurants, it does provide a range of useful advice regarding business operation and management, marketing and customer relationships.

Restaurant Guys Radio – RestaurantGuysRadio.com

This podcast, produced by Mark Pascal and Francis Schott who have a combined 40 years in the restaurant and wine business, is an interesting resource for those trying to find engaging discussing regarding the industry, be it discussing the latest fine wine and food or a chat with a guest from some of New York’s finest dining establishments.

Chef Brandt-Lee – ChefBrandt-Lee.blogspot.com

Self-taught Chef John Brandt-Lee takes us through his past struggles and triumphs over the years of building his successful restaurant. This writing is personal and thoughtful, be it talking about the interview that changed his life or screaming and yelling front of house.

While these are our recommendations, we realise there are hundreds of good restaurateur blogs. Please share your favourite blogs by commenting below.

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