10 Things Your Customers Won’t Tell You About Your Restaurant Website

Restaurant Mobile Website

Your customers will visit your website on their smartphone. Is your site optimized?

Your website is a virtual lifeline between you and your customers. It’s a place for people to discover and bond with your brand.

What we don’t often realize is that 90% of this connection is unconscious. Customers don’t think much about how your site changes their perception of your restaurant. It just does!

If they do think about this, they probably won’t bother to tell you.

This is why we need to travel into the deep subconscious of your website’s visitors. Here are 10 thoughts you might find;

1. “I’m impressed by professional images”

Have a look at one of our most high-traffic client’s sites – Blue Lagoon Seafood. The first thing you’ll see is a selection of high-quality, professional photographs. Before you even get the chance to read anything, these images speak volumes about the atmosphere and food. (tweet this)

2. “I’ll remember you better if your online and offline branding is consistent”

Your restaurant’s website promotes more than food and service. It promotes a powerful visual brand. Use the same font, color scheme, and design elements to help customers recognize that brand – both on and offline. After visiting your site, customers should be able to point out your signage as they walk down the street. Check out this article for some restaurant logo inspiration!

3. “An outdated restaurant website sends me a “struggling” vibe”

No one is impressed by a website that was last updated in 2010. Twitter updates, weekly blog posts, or a TripAdvisor review feed can help keep your site up-to-date. Try incorporating weekly specials and events to connect to your real-world buzz of activity!

4. “If a restaurant’s website is hard to navigate on my smart phone, I won’t refer them to my friends by mobile”

Recent stats show mobile internet users are projected to overtake fixed users in 2014! (tweet this)

Don’t turn customers away by forcing them to navigate mobile site with tiny text and crazy scrolling. If your site still isn’t optimized for mobile, we can help.

5. “When restaurants don’t respond to online feedback, I get the message that they don’t care about their customers”

Restaurant Customer Not Happy

Some customers will let you know how they feel. Others will be more discrete.

Use your website to join the conversation with customers. Respond to all comments and reviews – both positive and negative. This shows you care about feedback. It builds a better relationship with your customers.

6. “I only follow a restaurant online when their website links out to Twitter and Facebook”

Chances are your customers won’t want to manually search your restaurant’s name on social media networks. Make it easy to follow your restaurant on by adding Twitter and Facebook buttons to your website’s main navigation bar. See the Mama’s Boy website for a great example.

7. “I use your site to find your physical address!”

A top reason why people visit your site is simply to find your physical address. Don’t make customers search for this information. Include a clearly marked “Location” section on your landing page. Embed a Google Map somewhere on your site.

8. “Restaurants with subpar websites don’t make it into my foodie blog”

Food bloggers like to link out to restaurant’s official sites. If your site isn’t professional, updated, or mobile friendly, you could be losing attention from the blogging community! Remember to return the favor – If someone does rave about you, always to link out to their site in your “News” section or with a social media update.

9.”When there’s no community context on your website, I assume you’re not socially or environmentally responsible”

We all know your restaurant’s brand benefits when it gives back to the community. Supporting local farmers, contributing to local food banks, or pushing for recycled takeout containers – it’s all part of a responsible brand identity. Leverage the small steps you’re taking for your community by publicizing them on your website.

10. “When a restaurant offers behind-the-scenes content online, I feel much closer to the brand”

Your website is the perfect place to expand your image as an independent business. Don’t settle for a neutral, impersonal image.  Offer interesting facts about your restaurant’s history, culture, and identity. Expand your “About” page with links to staff snippets and stories. Add your personal insights to a regular blog, and share your thoughts using social media.

A good website drives a positive customer experience.

If any of these 10 thoughts raises a red flag, it’s time to tweak your restaurant’s online strategy!

Now it’s your turn. What are some things your customers have told you about your restaurant that might help other restaurant owners with theirs?

Photos by The News Tribune and Gourmet

2 responses to “10 Things Your Customers Won’t Tell You About Your Restaurant Website”

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  2. #1. Most customers also check your menu. Potential customers may want to check the menus you have. You may need to design a menu for your site that doesn’t need to be downloaded.

    Do not hide your contact information . Especially your address. Customers might just give up if they need to find your location and contact number.

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