20 Restaurant Logo Designs That Stand Out From The Crowd

Restaurant Logo Designs That Stand Out From The Crowd

When you’re opening a new restaurant, or refreshing the design and brand of your established restaurant, your restaurant’s logo design is a key piece of the puzzle.

It’s the brand and visual identity that customers — new and old — will connect with. It’s the recognizable mark that represents your restaurant everywhere, from your signage, to your menu, and of course on your website.

It should also represent you on social media as well. Make your restaurant’s logo the avatar image on your Facebook page and Twitter profile.

You’d be surprised how many restaurants fail to include their beautiful logo design on their website. Maybe they had trouble adding it to the top of the website and changing their website’s colors to match. Of course, if their website were powered by Restaurant Engine, that wouldn’t problem wouldn’t exist. 🙂

In need of a logo design for your restaurant?

If you already have a logo and need help inserting into your website, we do that as part of our Full Setup Service at Restaurant Engine. We’ll even tweak your logo to fit with the background etc.

But if you need a brand new logo design for your restaurant, here are a few places you can go to get yours professionally designed:

Ready-Made Logo Designs at 99Designs – a low-cost, quick, and easy way to get your restaurant logo done.

Dribbble Designers Directory – The best of the best designers are listed on Dribbble. They’ll charge a bit more for their services, but you’ll get amazing results.

FreelanceSwitch Freelancers Directory – Price quotes will range quite a bit here, but you can connect with lots of freelancers, many of which are logo designers, using this directory.

Without further ado, check out these amazing restaurant logo designs we rounded up. Tell us which is your favorite!

1. Habibi Mehza Restaurant

Habibi Mehza Restaurant

View at Dribbble →

2. Aberdin Restoranas

Aberdin Restoranas

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3. Moka Coffee House

Moka Coffee House

View at Dribbble →

4. Almeda Bakery and Restaurant

Almeda Bakery and Restaurant

View at Dribbble →

5. Salty’s Original

Salty's Original

View at Dribbble →

6. Patachon Café & Bar

Patachon Café & Bar

View at Dribbble →

7. La Touche de Provence

La Touche de Provence

View at Dribbble →

8. The Rock Sports Bar & Grill

The Rock Sports Bar & Grill

Visit Website →

9. The Last Unicorn Restaurant

The Last Unicorn Restaurant

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10. Pirelli’s Italian Restaurant

Pirelli's Italian Restaurant

View at Dribbble →

11. Burrito Brothers

Burrito Brothers

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12. Chicagos Bar & Grill

Chicagos Bar & Grill

View at Dribbble →

13. Orange Resto

Orange Resto

View at Dribbble →

14. Pomodoro


View at Dribbble →

15. Bar du Gaspi

Bar du Gaspi

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16. DeGreys Café & Restaurant

DeGreys Café & Restaurant

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17. Amavelda Wine & Dine

Amavelda Wine & Dine

View at Dribbble →

18. Palomino Bar

Palomino Bar

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19. Masala Craft

Masala Craft

View at Dribbble →

20. Sushi Today

Sushi Today

View at Dribbble →

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