8 Most Frequently Asked Marketing Questions for Restaurants, Answered

8 Most Frequently Asked Marketing Questions for Restaurants, Answered

Marketing is the key to growing your restaurant and increasing your brand awareness.

You want to promote your business and grow your restaurant. Staying ahead of the competition is also key to building your restaurant.

To do those things, you need a strong, well-developed marketing strategy. In this article, we look at the eight most frequently asked marketing questions for restaurants. They are answered and ready for action.

#1: What is the “Marketing Mix?”

The marketing mix is otherwise known as the Four Ps of marketing. According to the American Marketing Association, these are solid concepts that will help you “advertise, optimize your sales, reach your target audience, and test your marketing strategy.”

The Four Ps were established in the 1950s by a Harvard professor, and they are still widely used today. The Four Ps include:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

The Product

You’ve probably figured out that this is what your restaurant sells, so this is your food and drink. It can also include your service because customer service may also be thought of as a product. In addition, the overall customer experience is something you are selling and what generally keeps customers coming back for more.

When designing your menu, you want to carefully consider your product and whether or not there is a demand for it. Then, define what makes your product special or unique. You can then use these characteristics in your marketing.

The Price

This is what you charge your customers for your food. It’s how you make money, and you want to make sure your price matches the value people perceive.

When figuring out your prices, do check out your competition and consider seasonality as well.

Finally, make sure you have enough breathing room to offer specials at different times throughout the year when you market your menu.

The Place

This is where you sell your food. This could be your website, your online ordering system, or even a third party like DoorDash.

The place can also be where you advertise your restaurant. This can be your website, your social media pages, email marketing, radio, TV, and more.

When creating your marketing strategy, you want to ensure that you “place” your restaurant in the right spots.

The Promotion

This includes all of your marketing strategy. How are you going to promote and advertise your restaurant?

Your goal through promotion is to tell people why they need to eat at your restaurant, how it will make them feel, why it’s worth their money, and why it’s the best place in town to eat.

You need to know your target market and how to reach them.

#2: Why Do I Need a Website?

Some restaurateurs think they don’t need a website if they have a strong social media presence.

You definitely want a website in addition to your social media platforms. Your restaurant’s website is the centerpiece of all your marketing, both digital and traditional. (tweet this)

Many potential diners will research your restaurant online. They want to see your menu, the inside of your restaurant, and your hours, locations, and even your reviews. Make sure all of this is housed right on your website.

In addition, your website needs to be fast and mobile-friendly. If you have a website but haven’t updated it in years, it’s time to do it now.

Finally, when people are searching “restaurants near me,” you want your website to pull up in Google searches. Not only does this give you credibility, but it also helps people easily do their research.

It’s not enough to be on social media and a delivery app. You need a professional website with an online ordering system that introduces potential customers to your food, restaurant, culture, and ambiance.

Restaurant Web Design, Made Easy.

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#3: How Long Before Social Media Works?

First, you want to pick at least one social media platform to focus on. You can add more but don’t spread yourself too thin. Also, choose the social media platforms that fit your target audience.

Consider Facebook, Instagram, X, Snapchat, TikTok, and even LinkedIn. Create a social media content calendar as part of your overall marketing strategy. Post regularly and comment on all posts.

You want fresh content that is engaging and relationship-building. Use photos and videos both.

Now, you want to know how long it takes to work. Well, this depends on the brand awareness of your restaurant. With a strong mix of content and an active presence, you may see results in as soon as three months, but for some, it may take up to nine months.

Finally, consider using paid ads and also boosting content. In today’s social media world, you may have to spend a little to get better results.

#4: Should I Be on TikTok?

Again, consider your target audience. If they’re there, you should be there.

So, consider your audience and video capabilities. Ask yourself if TikTok makes sense for your restaurant. If so, join.

frequently asked marketing questions

Customer service is part of your marketing strategy.

#5: Isn’t Facebook Dead?

Well…no. In fact, with more than two billion users worldwide, it continues to be the most widely used social network.

So, should your restaurant be on Facebook? The answer is most assuredly, “yes.”

Facebook is still thriving, and for most restaurant audiences, it’s a must-have.

#6: How Do I Improve My SEO Ranking?

Nearly all internet experiences begin with a search. If someone is looking for a place to eat, they’ll search for it by name, restaurants near me, or a particular cuisine. (tweet this)

This makes SEO (search engine optimization) critical to your success. So, how do you improve your ranking and show up at the top of search engine results pages? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Have a fast, mobile-friendly website.
  • Claim your Google Business page and fill out all areas.
  • Think mobile first on your website.
  • Use keyword tactics and incorporate longtail keywords.
  • Publish new content on a regular basis.
  • Create an accessible website.
  • Devise a backlink strategy.
  • Track your metrics using Google Analytics.

#7: How Do I Fix My Online Reputation?

First, you need a solid strategy for getting reviews.

Next, you need to respond to every single review you get in a timely manner. Third, when responding to negative reviews, consider the following:

  • Be empathetic.
  • Think of the customer first.
  • Remember that others are reading your response to make a judgment call.
  • Get more positive reviews.
  • Train your staff in customer service.
  • Monitor all reviews.

#8: How Do I Go Viral?

While there is no one-size-fits-all guaranteed formula, there are some steps you can take.

  • Post original content.
  • Create unique content that meets a need.
  • Address a pain point.
  • Be funny.

Then, promote it everywhere.

Final Thoughts on Marketing Questions for Restaurants

Now that you have some of the eight most frequently asked questions about marketing, you have some tools to work on your own marketing strategy.

Marketing, especially digital marketing, is too important to neglect. Make sure you have someone or a team dedicated to helping you get the most out of your marketing strategy and your budget.

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