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A Humbling Review From a Restaurant Engine Customer :)

We just launched the new Showcase page, to put on display some of our client’s beautiful websites they’ve created with Restaurant Engine.

So when I reached out to a few of our customers, asking if they’d be willing to offer one or two sentences about their impressions of the service, I was both thrilled and humbled to get the following response from Jim of Blue Lagoon Seafood Restaurant 🙂

Describe one way in which Restaurant Engine has had an impact for Blue Lagoon?

Restaurant Engine’s positive impact has been nearly immeasurable for us, especially in delivering new customer traffic.

We’re a 30-year old restaurant in a crowded resort area that needed to bring ourselves into the 21st century to reach new customers. We had been playing with the idea of a website for years but never had the budget and buy-in from everyone for a professional design.

Restaurant Engine’s template concept and Dashboard/Management Center made it easy to build the site in a weekend with our own look and features, and maintain it with little technical background.

So far, and with no other online marketing effort, our Restaurant Engine site has helped us generate 60+ online reservations and group bookings that we likely wouldn’t have had otherwise, and has paid for itself over and over. The increased traffic and resulting business helped our TripAdvisor ranking too, where we’ve risen from 96th to 18th out of 126 Nassau restaurants!

Which feature of Restaurant Engine has been most valuable to Blue Lagoon and why?

“With no other online marketing effort, our Restaurant Engine site helped us generate 60+ reservations & group bookings!”

We’re a restaurant inside a smaller resort, within a crowded Bahamas restaurant environment, so our potential customer might not find us unless they’re staying with us or already know us.

A critical feature in our website wishlist included a mobile design so our vacationing population could find and use (not just see) the site from their phone/tablet while relaxing on the beach or walking around.

The smart dynamic page design provided by Restaurant Engine gives us a single-design solution automatically! Customers can view our pictures, menu, hours, and make a reservation while out and about. Almost 30% of our site traffic is from mobile devices!

How does Restaurant Engine compare to other options for web design?

In recent years I had put out RFPs (Request For Proposal) for professional site designs that would have achieved only 50% of the features we have now, but would have cost us thousands in development dollars and likely hundreds in monthly hosting/support expense.

Additionally, we would have taken months of challenging development time to approach what we achieved with just a weekend’s focused efforts on Restaurant Engine.

Even the other template-based blogs and CMS (Joomla, etc.) I found in my research didn’t approach the solution we’ve achieved here.

Brian at Restaurant Engine understands the needs of a restaurant’s website and puts out a solid and economical solution that we’re proud to use.

. . .

Thanks Jim 🙂

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