Coffee Shop Owner Alert: 5 Online Topics Your Customers Care About

Coffee Culture

Coffee Culture: People love their coffee and love sharing it with friends.

Your coffee shop customers’ personalities are reflected online. That’s where they go to research and discuss common interests.

Think about these 5 topics to get in touch with what your customers really care about…

1. Coffee culture

Over 3 million people “like” coffee on Facebook. (tweet this)

Some are bigger enthusiasts than others. They call themselves “coffee nerds” –  and they’re some of your most valuable customers.

Coffee nerds love a good online debate. Whether it’s over the best roaster in town, or the best pour-over techniques. I’ve seen many threads arguing over the best grounds to water ratio. These people are serious about their coffee!

Make it easy for influencers to rave about you online. Add Facebook and Twitter share buttons to your cafe’s updates and blog posts. It should be easy for a local coffee enthusiast to Tweet “Sure, that place is great but this place is better (insert your URL)”

You can also use your expertise to get in on the conversation. Sign up for a Disqus account that reflects your role as a coffee shop owner, then comment on one or two coffee discussions each week. People will appreciate your input as a coffee pro.

2. Local businesses

Your customers love to support local businesses, and you’re one of them (site note: do you have a website?)!

They choose to walk through your door instead of heading over to Starbucks. That’s an important indicator of interest in the local business community.

Tap into this by showing support for local entrepreneurs on your social networks. Link to other businesses you love, and comment on the posts of other local owners. Be the first to welcome a new business to your neighborhood with a friendly post.

Customers will see more value in following you online if you post interesting news about other businesses.

Your own story is part of this! Give customers the history behind your business, your people and your location. Show how you fit into the community as the best coffee entrepreneur in the city.

3. Local art and culture

I remember mentioning in this previous post that coffee shops are central to any creative community. They’re a place for creative people to meet up, work solo, and connect with their audiences through shows and events.

If your coffee shop openly supports local art and culture, your online presence should communicate that. (tweet this)

Post event invites to art and music events. Feature the website of any artists’ work being displaying in your space. Show support for local writers or musicians by commenting on their latest release.

The post I just mentioned has some other tips on showing your support for local art and culture as a cafe owner.

4. Social networking

A leading use of the internet is simply checking for new updates from friends in social media. Sharing images is a top activity, as well as “liking” and re-posting. We all know how addictive these little interactions can be.

Become a source of content for your customers’ social media. Regularly post images of your coffee shops and community. Encourage your followers to interact with you with open questions or polls.

5. Career-hunting

Coffee Shop Job Search

Coffee shops provide ample privacy and focus to search for a new job.

A cafe is the perfect place to browse potential career paths. For dedicated job-hunters, a good cup of coffee and some free Wi-Fi is the best service you could provide. (tweet this)

Reach out further to your customers by inviting them to apply for a position at your cafe. If you’re not hiring at the moment, it’s still worth adding an “Our Team” section to get people acquainted with your cafe’s work ethic and environment. It’s all about telling a meaningful story behind your brand.

You can also post job openings at other local businesses to your social networks.

Something like “We hear our neighbor Sam’s Boutique is looking for a new team member! Head to their website to learn more” – This shows you care about your customers and want to help them succeed.

Use these topics to get better at pleasing your customers! Learn what they care about most, like what makes a really great coffee, or what art and music they’re supporting right now –  then work that into your business plan.

Their interests are your interests!

Did we miss anything? Share your experiences and tips in the comments. We want to hear from you.

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