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5 Examples of Amazing Restaurant Facebook Pages

In today’s business world, social media has become one of most powerful marketing tactics. This goes for all businesses; especially restaurants.

Of all of the social media channels available, Facebook has proven to be one of the most powerful. With a user base of over a billion people, you can just imagine the impact this powerhouse social media site can have on the success of your business.


If just one person “Likes” your page and that one person has 100 friends there is the chance for 100 new people to see your restaurant and potentially become your customers. If 10 people “Like” your page and each one has 100 friends, well, you get the idea. (tweet this)

While creating a Facebook page for your restaurant is pretty simple, if you want to really have success with it, you are going to want to make it pop. The more appealing, the more engaging and the more relevant your page is, the more success you are going to have.

The Keys to a Successful Facebook Page

There are countless restaurants with Facebook pages; however, the restaurants that have the best pages have gotten their social media marketing strategy down to a science. What do the best restaurant Facebook pages include? They feature a nice blend of the following:

  • Interesting, engaging and useful content
  • They spark attention
  • They invite followers to interact (tweet this)

Facebook pages that incorporate all of these aspects scream out to users of the social media site to “Like”, share and follow.

Here is a look at a couple examples of restaurants that are using Facebook the right way to effectively market their business:

1. Red Tractor Pizza

Red Tractor Restaurant Facebook Page

The Bozeman, Montana pizza restaurant, Red Tractor Pizza, has a super interactive Facebook page.

Why? – Because they include all of the elements that are essential for grabbing the attention of Facebook users: Their content useful, interesting and engaging; they spark attention and they invite users to interact.

Their images are bright and colorful and relate directly to their restaurant. They post updates about their menu, show pictures of their menu items and include information about special events and offers. They also make it super easy to access their website, where customers can place their orders directly online. Their page has a good number of likes, which is not bad for a small restaurant in a small Montana town.

Visit: Red Tractor Pizza Facebook Page

2. Mancino’s of Bowling Green

Mancino's Restaurant Facebook Page

Another great example of a successful restaurant Facebook page is Mancino’s of Bowling Green.

They also include the keys elements that are needed to attract attention for a Facebook page.

They provide regular updates that grab attention, including information about what is going on in their restaurant, as well as mouth-watering images of their food.

Visit: Mancino’s Of Bowling Green Facebook Page

3. Sola Café

Sola Cafe Restaurant Facebook Page

Another restaurant that is doing the Facebook thing right is Sola Café, which is also located in Bozeman, Montana.

Each day, they post a listing of their specials, which allows their followers to easily see what is on the menu and immediately grabs their attention. They also discuss special events and showcase photos of not only the restaurant, but also of the customers, which helps followers relate to the business and really connect with them. Oh, and customers have the ability to place their orders online right from their page!

Visit: Sola Cafe Facebook Page

4. E3 Ranch and Chophouse

E3 Ranch Restaurant Facebook Page

With a ton of likes, it is certainly safe to say that the E3 Ranch and Chophouse, located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is doing something right with their Facebook page.

Of course, they post new updates on a regular basis, and these posts get people talking. In fact, many of their updates have hundreds of “Likes” and have dozens of comments.

Plus, they also feature information about the surrounding area, which helps to attract even more attention, as people are able to learn what is going on in the local area, as well as at the restaurant.

Visit: E3 Ranch And Chophouse Facebook Page

5. Mama’s Boy Southern Table and Refuge

Mamas Boy Restaurant Facebook Page

Located in South Norwalk, Connecticut, Mama’s Boy Southern Table and Refuge has a great Facebook page.

Followers can find amazing pictures of their food and drink items. And they can also easily find out about special events, as well as special promotions. They also have connections to their Twitter profile, and their followers can easily join their E-Club directly from their Facebook page.

Visit: Mama’s Boy Southern Table And Refuge Facebook Page

If you are the proprietor of a restaurant and are wondering how to boost your success, take a lesson from these restaurants and their successful formula for Facebook.

We have three resources for you as next steps:

  1. Setup Your Facebook Page
  2. Setup The Facebook Like Box On Your Website
  3. Integrate Facebook Into Your Website

What are your Facebook strategies? We want to hear from you in the comments!

5 responses to “5 Examples of Amazing Restaurant Facebook Pages”

  1. Anna-Mariya Levenova says:

    All of these restaurants suck at running a Facebook page … just look at the ratio followers/post likes

  2. Saniya Arain says:

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  4. virtualCableTV says:

    All restaurant marketing that uses photographs of the interior of the premises -must- use the “When Harry Met Sally Rule” to be successful in that marketing piece.

    That is taking advantage of the phenomena of human behavior every one of us that has ever gone to a restaurant has had in one way or another ourselves, e.g. “I’ll have what she’s having” because we see and observe the appealing food pass by and we see and observe other people enjoying and satisfying themselves.

    So why then would anybody be such a fool as to market their restaurant using photos with no customers in them? Silly. Foolish. Stoopit.

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