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Take Control of Your Restaurant’s SEO (New Feature: SEO Options!)

Google Search EngineA great website design for your restaurant can make a great first impression with new visitors.  But it won’t do anything if those visitors don’t find your website first!

That’s where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in.  Your restaurant website needs to be optimized for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, in order to build your ranking in local search results.

Restaurant Engine websites are built with professionally optimized code and structure.  Even if you’re not experienced with the technical aspects of SEO, Restaurant Engine customers get basic search engine optimizations built-in.

Taking Restaurant SEO Further…

Some of our customers who are more knowledgeable of SEO have been asking about more custom control over key aspects of their website.  Well, today I’m happy to announce a brand new feature for just that…

Custom SEO Options

Now, all pages, food items, blog posts, events, and the homepage, all feature a new set of options, called “SEO Options”:

Restaurant SEO Options

SEO Options when editing any web page with Restaurant Engine

You now have control over 3 key aspects when it comes to SEO:


By default, the title displayed at the top of the web browser displays the title of the page or post you’re viewing.  But sometimes you want to customize this and make it more specific to include certain keywords.  Now you can manually set the title text here.  The title text is what displays in Google search results as the title/link, so this is piece is pretty important!

Meta Description

We’ve added the meta description tag, which gives Google a brief summary of the contents of this page.  To make things easy, by default, the description tag will be automatically populated with the first few sentences of the page content.  But you can manually define the meta description by filling in your own using this new option.

Meta Keywords

The third SEO option is used to populate the Keywords meta tag.  This consists of a list of the primary keywords and terms that can be found in the content of this page.  Some prefer not to include the Keywords meta tag, so we’ve made this optional.  Simply leave this box blank to disable the keywords meta tag altogether.

More Control vs. Automatic.  It’s up to you!

Remember, if you’re too busy to focus your time on these added SEO controls, you don’t have to!  If you simply leave these new SEO Options untouched, you won’t be doing any harm or missing out.

We’ve designed the websites to automatically populate the page title and meta descriptions with relevant content, so you’re site is on solid footing with minimal effort.

But for those of you who want added control of your on-page SEO for your restaurant, now you have it!

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