Here is a Method That is Helping Restaurants Get Better Reviews

Get Better Reviews

A good review can bring you tons of new business. Here is the secret to getting better reviews.

It seems more people use the Internet every day.

A study carried out by the Pew Research Center on Internet usage in the United States found that roughly 85% of adults in the US use the Internet, 91% plus of adults in the US own a cell phone with Internet access and 56% plus of adults in the US own a smartphone.

People are using the Internet more than ever and accessing it in multiple ways.

This is an opportunity for restaurants.

How so?

People can now find restaurants right on their smartphones. They can see options close to their exact location. They can read through menus.

And most importantly, they can read customer reviews.

The Power Of Reviews

WOW Factor Restaurants

Good service and food are expectations. To get a good review you need something more…

A new study by Nielsen found that people trust other people’s opinion:

  • 84% trust recommendations from people they know
  • 68% trust consumer opinions posted online (tweet this)

This is important for restaurants. So many people try a new restaurant based on a recommendation or even an online review.

We’ve done a little work for you.

This is a method restaurant owners are using to get better reviews so they can use those reviews to attract more customers.

Secret Good Review Method: Create A WOW Factor

Midwest Express Cookies

The smell of freshly baked cookies wowed those that flew with Midwest Airlines.

Back in the 1990s and early 2000s, a Wisconsin-based airline named Midwest Airlines (formerly Midwest Express) became a successful regional and then national airline.

The company provided flight service to many popular destinations from their bases in Milwaukee and Kansas City.

The airline offered all the basic things airlines provide (or try to provide) like on-time flights, good in-flight service and smooth flights.

But that stuff is normal. You can get it from any airline.

Yet Midwest built a reputation in the airline industry and it garnered them many positive reviews and recommendations from customers.

Midwest became known for their freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. The cookies were baked during the flight allowing customers to smell the cookies throughout the cabin. It was a great treat to leave the customers happy as they left the airplane.

This is an example of a WOW factor.

It’s something many companies do in various industries including the restaurant industry.

Doing something consistent and special for each of your customers is the ideal way to get better reviews. You still need to have solid food and service, but to get more customers to leave better reviews you have to leave them with something memorable.

Here are a few additional ways you can provide a WOW factor.

Unique Entertainment

There are restaurants that have live music or even entertainment like magic shows and comedians. But there are also restaurants that have memorable and unique entertainment.

It seems like every city has a dueling piano restaurant or bar. Other spots are known for their specific style of music like bluegrass or jazz.

Unique entertainment that sets you apart from everyone else is something that people will remember. They’ll find it interesting and they’ll leave wanting to tell others about the experience.

Memorable Décor Or Setting

Something unique about where your restaurant is or even something interesting in your décor can leave people impressed or even stunned.

There is a restaurant in San Diego called Bertrand at Mister A’s where you can sit on the roof and watch the airplanes land at the airport all night long. It’s a memorable scene especially when the big FedEx plane lands later in the evening.

Signature Drink

Chocolate chip cookies were Midwest’s signature dish, but you can have something else such as a drink that becomes your signature.

Create something that tingles multiple senses. Let people see an amazing drink, smell an amazing drink and finally taste the amazing drink.

That will give them something to talk about once they leave.

The point of having a WOW factor for your restaurant is giving people something to talk about once they leave your restaurant. (tweet this)

It might sound cliché, but giving people something to talk about is the one thing you need to stick in their memories. If they just have a good time they’re going to forget you. But if they have a memorable time they’re going to tell others (and leave good reviews).

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