Want to Improve Productivity? Make Sure Your Upgraded POS System Has These 7 Features

Want to Improve Productivity Make Sure Your Upgraded POS System Has These 7 Features

You can improve productivity with the right POS system.

You know that a point-of-sale system (POS) is great for your customers, enabling them to have a bit more control when ordering or paying for their meals.

Did you know, though, that a POS system is great for managing your business and improving your efficiency? And do you want to improve your productivity?

In this article, we look at how paying attention to your productivity levels will enhance the success of your business. To do this, make sure your upgraded POS system has these seven features.

#1: Inventory Management

One of the best ways to improve your restaurant’s productivity is using your POS system’s inventory management feature. By using inventory management, you’ll see a rapid increase in productivity. (tweet this)

How does it increase productivity? First, you have an accurate count of your inventory. You’ll be better prepared when ordering food and supplies because you’ll know exactly what you have. It can help with both over ordering and under ordering.

In addition, an inventory management system can help if you think you’re seeing losses from theft and waste. It also helps with food costs.

You’ll also find that with an inventory management system, you can easily see when stock is getting low on items.

You will also find that your team members can spend time doing other tasks because you have inventory management built right into your POS system. Employees are not left searching for items, and they don’t have to spend hours taking inventory.

Your purchasing decisions are easier as well. You can decide quickly and efficiently what you need to purchase. Your accuracy also improves, and you can base orders on actual ingredient usage instead of guessing.

Finally, with some POS systems, you can trigger alerts or re-orders when quantities of certain items get too low. This saves you time scrambling to pick something up last minute.

#2: Employee Scheduling

You’ll also boost your productivity with your upgraded POS system when you use the built-in employee tools.

Look for a POS system that integrates time worked, attendance, and labor scheduling. With this sort of system, you can easily schedule your team based on your busy and not-so-busy shifts. You can access all labor information and compare staffing levels.

Employee scheduling in your POS can help you see at a glance how many team members can work on any day or shift. What’s more, you can then determine how many you need to schedule based on a number of factors. By reviewing your sales data, you can cut down on overstaffing shifts.

In addition, your team members can log in and log out using your POS system app. You can see who is working and then ultimately streamline payroll.

This type of system also helps cutdown on clocking in and out errors, so you aren’t overpaying staff either.

#3: Employee Payroll

As we mentioned earlier, your upgraded POS system can help you with your payroll.

No more using paper timecards or trying to tie two systems together. You can do your payroll right through your POS system for maximum efficiency.

upgraded pos system

An upgraded POS system can streamline operations and improve your overall efficiency.

#4: Marketing Options

With your upgraded POS system, you’ll want to leverage its marketing features for even more enhanced productivity.

Using the system, you can send custom marketing campaigns and promotions right to your current customers.

This efficiently helps you remarket to these customers bringing them back into your restaurant.

With automated tools, you’ll save time and increase your own productivity. These tools also help you keep your customers engaged on a long-term basis.

You know how important marketing tools are to your restaurant business. Marketing helps you grow and expand your customer base while also enhancing retention.

Another piece of your POS system’s marketing tools is the loyalty program. You can use this to retain your customers and bring them back for more.

#5: Diner Management

With diner management tools in your POS system, you can serve your customers more efficiently and promptly.

This allows your servers more time to actually take care of your diners.

It also allows you to turn tables faster, enhancing the productivity of your entire restaurant.

Your POS system allows customers’ orders to transmit instantly to the kitchen. This eliminates any human error from your staff translating the orders on their own. In addition, your kitchen staff can prepare the meals sooner, and your diners get served more efficiently.

Managing your customer orders better makes everything run more smoothly.

#6: Table Management and Reservations

Almost all restaurant owners want a better way to manage their tables and their staff. A POS system is superb at helping you do this.

What’s more, if you take reservations, this seamlessly works right in.

Your front of house staff will be much more productive with your table management system because they can see at a glance which tables are occupied, available, or being cleared.

#7: Reporting Options

Spending hours inputting data and compiling reports is a thing of the past. With your POS system, you have quality reporting with very little effort. Your productivity increases because reporting isn’t a chore anymore. (tweet this)

You can instantly see key performance indicator (KPI) reports measuring your sales, payroll costs, inventory levels, table performance, staff performance, and sales versus labor costs.

Many POS systems have pre-built reports, while others also let you create custom reports as well, drawing data from the system.

Your productivity and efficiency are immediately improved, and you have more time to do the rest of your daily tasks.

What’s more, with a cloud-based POS system, you can give your accountant access to your reports, so you don’t have to worry about exporting any data.

Final Thoughts

If you want to improve productivity, you want to make sure your upgraded POS system has these seven features.

This will help you leverage all your POS system has to offer so you and your team are working more efficiently.

Ultimately this saves you money, improves customer loyalty and retention, and helps you improve your overall customer experience.

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