Will Food Trucks Outpace Traditional Diners in Popularity?

Will Food Trucks Outpace Traditional Diners in Popularity

Food trucks are on target to outpace traditional diners in popularity.

Did you know there are nearly 33,000 food trucks in the United States? What’s more, the food truck industry’s market size has grown by an average of 6.6% each year from 2016 to 2021.

This might lead you to ask, “Will food trucks outpace traditional diners in popularity?”

In this article, we look at the rise of the food truck and uncover if food truck trends will continue to grow.

More Commercial Restaurants Experimenting

Whether it’s the COVID-19 pandemic or simply the passage of time, in 2021, more commercial restaurants began experimenting with food trucks.

For example, large national chains brought out food trucks to test new items and new food concepts. Other new restaurants send out food trucks for the same reasons and to test the waters before they open larger restaurants.

The food truck seems to be a catalyst for experimentation in the restaurant industry in 2021 and 2022.

The benefits of this experimentation are that if people don’t like the new menu items or food concepts, customers don’t tie it to the restaurant. Food trucks help test out public opinion.

Oftentimes, though, these food trucks are so successful they continue to roam the city streets. So, in this instance, food trucks are working in tandem with traditional diners and sometimes, they outpace them.

Food Trucks are Expected to Keep Growing

In many instances in the last few years, 50% of restaurant revenue has come from order ahead sales.

This is a promising statistic for the continued growth of food trucks over traditional diners.

Not only can food trucks accommodate the order ahead business, but they can also provide food for their customers safely and outside. By leveraging the power of technology combined with the safety of being outside, food trucks may outpace traditional diners as long as the Covid pandemic remains with us.

It’s Cheaper to Run a Food Truck

What’s more, the food truck industry is outgrowing the restaurant industry, 5.5% to 4.3%.

This is because it’s generally less expensive to run a food truck. First-time foodies, find it easier to open a food truck than a brick-and-mortar restaurant. They can serve their delicious food, experiment with new ideas, and grow their businesses without a lot of overhead and extra expense.

Staff Costs are Lower

Another reason food trucks can outpace traditional diners is because staff costs are lower.

Food trucks are smaller spaces, so owners don’t have to hire as many staff to work the trucks.

You don’t need a host, a waiter, or dishwashers. There’s no need for bussers to clean tables. All you need is a cashier and some chefs, and your food truck can be operational fairly quickly.

When labor costs are lower, you experience higher profits.

food truck trends

Food trucks are growing in popularity, but will they take over?

Food Truck Mobility is a Plus

Food trucks also have the potential to outpace traditional diners because of their mobility.

Food truck owners don’t have to worry about throwing everything into one location. They also don’t have to be concerned with renting or buying the perfect location. They can set up all over town and experiment with different locations all the time.

Then, food truck owners can choose multiple locations that are successful for them, growing their sales each day. If for some reason, a location changes, food truck owners can simply travel to another location to improve their profitability.

Traditional diners have to find one perfect location. They don’t have the ability to move around at will to maximize their profits. And they are basically stuck. If they chose the wrong location, there isn’t much the traditional diner can do.

Don’t forget, food trucks can travel to multiple locations every week. This gives them more visibility and more customer loyalty. Their most ardent fans can follow them around and purchase from them anywhere.

Events and Catering are Easier

While traditional diners have capitalized on the event and catering markets for years, it’s simply not as easy for them as it is a food truck.

Food truck trends suggest food trucks are better suited for attending events. All their food and equipment go everywhere with them.

So, when it comes to catering and events, food trucks again may outpace traditional diners in popularity.

Food Trucks Have an Air of Coolness

Why do people like to eat at food trucks more than traditional diners?

First, food trucks are “cool.” There’s an air of adventure about eating at a food truck, and the target audience really enjoys being adventurous. (tweet this) Millennials are food truck’s favorite fans, followed by the up to 55 crowd.

This is a huge market of diners that wants to get out and explore different cuisines from different cultures. Food trucks allow them to sample food from different countries right in the city where they live.

People also like to eat at food trucks because generally speaking the food is really delicious. Food truck chefs are often on the cutting edge, again making them, “cool.”

In addition, when people order from a food truck, they know the food is fresh and prepared on the spot. They can order and pick up their food almost immediately and either eat it there or when they get home.

Food truck chefs are usually passionate and creative. This is something today’s diners are looking for.

People also like food trucks more than traditional diners because the prices are often reasonable. Why? Food trucks simply cost less to operate, and they can pass these prices on to their customers.

Food truck owners can outpace traditional diners because they can serve incredible food at better prices than brick-and-mortar diners.

Final Thoughts on Food Truck Trends

Food trucks are here to stay. They were on the rise before Covid, and they are continuing to build on their popularity.

Food trucks may outpace traditional diners because they offer mobility, a great menu, and an extraordinary way to sample unique types of cuisine.

You’ll find that food trucks often experiment with new dishes until they find their following. Once people are hooked on a food truck, their popularity rises, and people from all over the city seek them out.

Food trucks are more convenient than traditional diners. Food trucks go where the people are while traditional diners can’t do this.

Finally, current food truck trends suggest food trucks are the real deal. They have capitalized on a unique product, and we expect them to flourish in the coming decade. (tweet this)

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