Your Restaurant Customer’s Make or Break Decision

Most restaurants fail to capitalize on their most valuable marketing tool.

So let’s uncover this common pitfall, learn how to avoid it, and open up a steady stream of new customers for your restaurant, shall we?

The Pew Research Center released a study showing that people look to the web more than ANY other medium to decide which restaurant they’d like to go to. So we know having a web presence is important.

But finicky reviews on sites like Yelp and others don’t tell the whole story. Your customers need something more. A push to help them make that final decision whether or not to dine with you. And this is where that critical pitfall comes into play. 

When a potential customer finds you on Yelp, oftentimes they’ll click the link to your website. If the do, you’re in luck! Because this person just took a MAJOR step towards choosing your restaurant over the thousands of others they could have picked. BUT their decision is not made yet.

In order to convert this visitor to a customer, your website needs to convey Instant Credibility. How does it do this? A well-crafted, professional design is a great start. In fact, another recent study showed that 75% of website visitors judge a business’s credibility by their quality (or lack thereof) in design.

Here’s the bottom line: If your website design comes off appearing amateurish, slow to load, or doesn’t work at all, that visitor is gone. They’ll click the Back button in seconds, and move on to the next restaurant in the directory.


Your restaurant website design could convey elegance, trust, attention to detail, and thoughtful craftsmanship. It could give this visitor EXACTLY what they want — a look at your food menu (not a PDF!), a glance through a few photos of your restaurant’s decor, and your contact info — quickly and easily.

This is all this visitor needs to make their final decision and say “Yes, this place looks great. I’ll book a table before they fill up.”

How We Get There…

Here are a few ways we design websites for our Restaurant clients that turn visitors into customers week after week, month after month.

First, we work with the best designers in the industry.

These guys (and gals) normally charge thousands for a custom website design. Our website design templates give you access to their amazing talent and craftsmanship at a price point that makes sense for small business.

Next, we optimize for the best viewing experience possible.

Every website we create is coded look great (and work great too) across every major web browser. We also optimize for search engine optimization (SEO) and mobile too (more on this later).

Finally, we design for restaurants.

These aren’t generic templates that apply to ALL industries. We made these specifically for RESTAURANTS like yours to attract more customers from the web. From showcasing food menus, to carefully placed contact info, we designed our sites with you — restaurant businesses — in mind.

Watch this quick video to see some of our work:

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