A Guide to Accepting Food Orders Through Your Website

If you don’t do so already, it’s time to accept food orders through your restaurant website. The big brands have been accepting online food orders for years. Pizza Hut and Domino’s just to name a couple.

But it’s not just big chain brands that can profit from allowing customers to order online. In fact, it’s now easier than ever to allow your customers to order your food after a hard day at the office when ordering in coupled with a glass of wine is the perfect choice for the hungry foodie.

The Benefits of Accepting Food Orders through Your Website

There are many benefits to taking orders online for both you and your customers. Sometimes, making it easier for people to buy your product is all you need to do to increase turnover. An online ordering system will make it more convenient for customers to buy.

Convenience for You and Your Customers

Have you ever wished you didn’t have to answer the phone every few minutes when a customer phones to order their meal? Have you ever considered how much time you could save by not dealing with orders by phone?

With an online ordering system, you save time by not answering the phone, and your customers find it easier to order. It’s a winning combination for both you and your customer.

Reduce Communication Errors

Take away the worry, stress and man-hours of dealing with communication errors such as an address being noted incorrectly or a food item not making it on to the order. By taking orders online, communication errors are a thing of the past.

Allow Customers to Pay by Card for Delivery Orders

We all know how frustrating it is to come home from work after a hard day, looking forward to ordering in, only to realize we have no cash in our wallet so we can’t have our food delivered.

By taking orders online, customers can pay by card when they order, rather than upon delivery. This breaks down a barrier of the sale. The fewer barriers there are between you and the sale, the more you’ll sell.

Benefit from Larger Orders

Orders that are placed online are generally 20%-30% larger than those that are placed by phone

Research suggests orders that are placed online are generally 20%-30% larger than those that are placed by phone. This could be due to the ease of placing an order, customers not being afraid to try new things as photos often accommodate items on online menus, or due to websites being flexible enough to offer ‘up-sell’s’ based on the customers choices.

How do I Take Food Orders through my Website?

There are many different websites that allow you, the restaurant owner, to offer online ordering. Our own person choice, however, is Zuppler.

Zuppler allows your customers to order from your menu through your website. With an easy to use interface for both customers and your restaurant staff, orders can be placed and managed easily.

Your orders will be received via your website, your mobile menu (ideal for iPhones and other mobile devices), your Facebook account and from external dining guides such as the Zuppler network itself.

Orders can be received at your restaurant by fax, through your online Zuppler account, by email, via a wireless printer or even direct to your internal POS application.

Zuppler combines a whole host of features that other services offer, then adds its own unique flare. With features such as seamless integration in to your website, online ordering through your Facebook page, mobile ordering and POS integration, Zuppler truly is the best online food order solution for restaurant owners.

But better than all this is Restaurant Engine’s integration with Zuppler. As a Restaurant Engine customer, you benefit from a discounted commission rate (the amount Zuppler take from each order). As a customer of ours, the commission you pay Zuppler per order will be just 7%. And with a simple click of a button we can enable the Zuppler plugin on your Restaurant Engine website so you can start taking online orders quickly and easily. See our online ordering page for more information.

Do you offer online orders for your take-out service? Have you noticed an increase in revenue, or has it made your life easier? Let us know by commenting below.

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