3 Essential Elements Every Bar Website Must Have

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Visiting the bar is a social event. Make it one on your website.

In a bid to increase their profit margins and keep on attracting new customers, businesses worldwide are increasing their online presence.

The Yellow Pages era is virtually obsolete and more and more people are increasingly relying on market leading search engines such as Google and Bing to find information. (tweet this)

More than often, when a prospective customer wants more information in regards to your product or service, he or she will use the internet to find that piece of information. As a matter of fact, there are several studies which show that roughly 80% of internet users rely on search engines to look for information. Consequently, if your business is not online you are losing bulk of your prospective business to your next door competitor.

The good news however is that you already familiar with this study. Your greatest challenge is not about whether or not you ought to build a website for your bar. Rather, your greatest challenge is identifying the most essential elements to incorporate into your bar website.

Elements like great content, fast page time loading, user friendliness (i.e. Ergonomics), search and clarity are obvious elements that every website needs to have. But are you sure about the three most crucial elements that every bar website must have in order to be successful?

Revealed herein, are the 3 essential elements every bar website must have:

A Community Section Such As A Blog Or Forum

Ideally, every business website including a bar website needs to incorporate a community element such as a blog or forum. Blogging not only functions in increasing web traffic to your bar website, but expanding your exposure. Blogging is also the element that aids you in selling your personality to current and prospective customers. Including a blog or forum also provides you with an opportunity of educating your prospective customers on why you are far much better compared to your next door competitor.

The other reason why you need to incorporate a blog or forum into your bar website is because it brings you closer to your customers. (tweet this)

For example, by making use of blogs or forums, you can receive feedbacks from customers who have patronized your establishment. Because bogs and forums are updated on almost a daily basis in addition to being utilized as content generators, market leading search engines like Google love them. The immediate result will be ranking high in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Besides, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing as well as social media sites such as Facebook utilize blogs as well as forums to influence their online communities. On the other hand, publications like the New York Times have dedicated a whole section to blogs. Therefore, a blog or forum is one of the 3 essential elements every website must have.

Basic And Unique Pages

It is true that your primary objective ought to be, focusing more on great content for your website. Nonetheless, there are particular pages which your bar website needs to have in order to guarantee credibility as well as trust while at the same time offering visitors to the site the information they need to know regarding your bar business. Examples of pages which your bar website need to have include:

Contact Page

Contact Page can also be aptly named Feedback Page. Contact Page not only allows you to be familiar with your market niche, but also provides you with an opportunity to meet advertisers and learn more about likely errors.

About Page

The About Page allows you to provide prospective customers with info about your business. Because you do not want visitors to your website to feel as if they are there by mistake, you need to be extremely generous with information that you provide.

TOS (Terms of Service) Page

The TOS Page also includes privacy policy. The TOS page will enable prospective customers to know if your bar websites utilizes cookies and whether or not your site is credible.

FAQ Page

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is the holy grail in case your bar website is advanced. Including a FAQ Page eliminates the need of having personnel whose work is to offer support.

Portfolio and contributors page are the other pages that you need to incorporate into your bar website.

You can also create additional pages for community like the blog and forum we mentioned earlier.

Create an Instagram page, where users can tag certain hashtags and have their photos automatically appear in your gallery. You can even do this manually if you follow the hashtag.

This gets people involved in your website and gives them reason to send their friends to check out the photos and the rest of the information.

Social Sharing Buttons

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Got cool photos? Share them on your website and on social media to show potential customers what they’re missing.

Finally, do not forget to include social sharing buttons like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn to your bar website.

Google+ helps your search engine rankings a bit when you have more people that follow your business. It’s not the most popular social network, but it’s still growing and anything connected to Google is good to use because they have the power to send you a lot of search traffic.

The Social Sharing Buttons allow you to connect more with prospective customers who use social media sites to look for information. Add them to the unique photos you upload to your site and to the blog posts you publish.

The good news is that with Restaurant Engine you can do all these things without complicated development and coding.

Do you have any idea on designing a bar website?

Feel free to share with us.

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