If Your Restaurant Doesn’t Have an App, You’re Losing Revenue

If Your Restaurant Doesn't Have an App, You're Losing Revenue

A restaurant app can help you build your revenue and reach more customers.

More than 80% of mobile phone users search for restaurants in mobile apps. This begs the question, “Does your restaurant have its own app?”

If the answer is “no,” then it’s time to consider it.

Your customers are ordering online, now more than ever before. You want to reach them where they are while also providing them ease of access.

Put your restaurant right in their hands with a restaurant app they see every time they open their Apple or Android device.

In this article, we look at the fact that if your restaurant doesn’t have an app, you’re losing revenue.

An App Improves the Customer Experience

One of the most important things to consider in our digital age is the overall customer experience you provide your current and future customers. An app can help you do this. (tweet this)

By improving customer experience, you increase your revenue because happy customers spend more.

The best thing about a restaurant app is you offer your customers ease of use and flexibility. With an app, your customers simply pick up their phones and order quickly from your restaurant. You provide an easier ordering experience, and you’ll soon notice your orders are larger, and revenue rises.

What’s more, in the “new” world we live in, your restaurant app gives customers the ability to order ahead, pay, and simply pick up their food. They may not even have to enter your doors to do it.

This in turn takes some heavy lifting off your staff and limits wait time for your customers.

Another way your app improves the customer experience is there is little room for human error. This means your customers are happier at pick up because their orders have a higher likelihood of being correct.

An App Puts Your Loyalty Program at the Forefront

If you don’t have a restaurant app, your loyalty program isn’t right in front of your customers. With a mobile app, your customers can see where they stand with their loyalty rewards any time they want.

With a restaurant app, you don’t need punch cards or credit-like cards to keep track of loyalty points. Your app will do it for you.

Plus, when your customers visit your mobile app and start to place an order, they can see how many points they have. They might use them. Or they might spend more to get to the next reward level.

Another thing to note is that when you have your own app, you can send push notifications to your loyalty customers.

  • You can let them know they have points to use.
  • In addition, you can offer them double points on certain days.
  • One more way you can benefit is by reminding them to spend a little more to reach their next loyalty reward.
  • You can also remind them to come back if they haven’t visited in a while with a come-back coupon.

Loyalty rewards in your app increase revenue because a mobile loyalty program encourages your customers to eat with you frequently.

An App Increases Your Visibility

Visibility helps you grow your revenue.

Within your mobile app, your customers can share your restaurant on social media or through SMS texting. Customers can also refer your restaurant to others in order to earn rewards and loyalty points.

You’ll find that people are more than willing to share the news about your restaurant to earn something for themselves.

Your revenue stream grows as your customers do your marketing for you.

An App Streamlines Orders

Your restaurant app brings in new revenue streams. It also saves you money in your restaurant because your staff is free to concentrate on diners inside the restaurant.

Your mobile app helps because your staff doesn’t have to answer the phone for takeout orders.

Plus, your customers can leave their credit card securely in your app, so they don’t have to worry about cash or entering their card number for each order.

Finally, you increase revenue because orders aren’t getting mixed up, and your customers have better customer service.

Your restaurant app makes your restaurant work more smoothly.

restaurant app

Your customers can order online through your restaurant app and order more in the process.

An App Increases Customer Engagement

When your customers are more engaged, not only do they make repeat visits, but they often spend more.

Push notifications increase customer engagement. In addition, your app allows your customers to include their preferences right inside of it.

Your diners can update their dining preferences. They can record their favorite menu items. In many apps, they can even include reservation preferences. They can tell your app where they like to sit, so you can try to seat them in their favorite spot.

In addition, restaurant apps can connect to social media platforms. This allows your customers to share their experience and their photos on social media. This increases their own engagement as well as that of all their followers. They can submit, share, and even rate their meals in the app as well. Other diners can see these reviews.

Finally, your app should highlight your location, hours of operation, and your menu. This enables your customers to engage with you as easily as possible.

All of these things work together to increase customer engagement and ultimately your revenue.

Final Thoughts

So, is a restaurant mobile app worth it? Absolutely. While you will have to spend part of your marketing budget on building it, you will find the return on investment is definitely worth it.

It’s time to consider an app so you aren’t losing revenue. With your own restaurant app, you’re on the cutting edge.

You’ll find having your own app gives you the lead over your competition. Your customers will have your restaurant right in their pocket. They can order from you at any time, use their loyalty points, and even make repeat orders. (tweet this)

Will this be the year your restaurant increases revenue by developing an app?

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