Online Ordering Apps Your Customers Will Love

Online Ordering Apps Your Customers Will Love RE

Drive business with your own branded online ordering app.

In today’s fast past, ultra-competitive world, every second counts.

This is why it’s so important you capture your potential customers right where they are, and that is usually on their mobile phones.

In this article, we look at online ordering apps your customers will love. We think you’ll love them, too, as they provide your customers instant access to your menu.

Online ordering apps can integrate with your website as well, making your entire online ordering strategy work together. (tweet this)

Another benefit of online ordering apps is that you can often incorporate your loyalty programs right into the apps. This increases diner participation and encourages new diners to download your app.

Apps are a huge draw for your customers who are always using their smartphones. Apps also allow you to advertise promotions and enhance your upsell strategies, encouraging your customers to order more than they often would in-restaurant. (tweet this)

Now, let’s look at online ordering apps your customers will love.

Chow Now

With Chow Now, you can process orders through a branded mobile app as well as your website, Facebook business page, Google Search Listing, Yelp, Bing, Zagat and more.

Chow Now makes taking orders a breeze for your diners.

The reason your customers will love Chow Now is that the app meets them where they are. For example, if your customers are using social media, they can order without having to leave.

It’s easy on your end, as well. You are notified once new orders come in. This usually happens using a tablet near your point of sale system, allowing you to take care of orders immediately.

With Chow Now, you can set delivery zones, add specials and make quick changes to your menu. In addition, they’ll build you custom iPhone and Android apps.

Expect set-up fees and ongoing monthly fees.


If you want to use Zuppler, you need a website or mobile app already in place. Their system allows you to add online ordering capabilities to both.

It’s super easy for you and your customers. All you have to do is upload your menu items to Zuppler, and they’ll provide you with customizable menus that you can add to your website, app and social media pages.

Again, meeting customers where they are, your diners can click on these menus to easily place their orders. You receive them by either fax, email, or through your point of sale system.

Your customers will appreciate finding coupon codes and promotions right next to your menu items.

Expect monthly fees to use this system.


Online ordering meets your customers where they are – on their smartphones.


Well-known GrubHub is a customer favorite.

The bonus with GrubHub is that they do the marketing for you. Not only are they an online ordering tool, but customers visit GrubHub to find a place to eat that delivers.

GrubHub “learns” what its customers like to eat and even makes suggestions to help them find food. Your customers can search by area, restaurant name, menu item and cuisine.

This service lets your customers place online orders, free of charge. They also showcase reviews, coupons and deals in addition to offering customer service to diners.

You can accept mobile orders from the GrubHub website, and you can also accept them through your own website and app.

GrubHub then charges you based on the amount of business they get for your restaurant.


When it comes to pricing, eHungry does not have any set-up or monthly fees and no contracts. They take their fee after you get the orders.

Their system comes fully loaded and includes iPhone and Android apps. You can also use it on your website.

Your customers browse your menus, and they can pay for their orders using a credit card or PayPal.

It’s then up to you to decide how you want to accept orders – for pickup, delivery or dine-in. This system informs you of orders through fax, email, tablet, eHungry’s dashboard, phone calls or automated texts.

Their system also allows you to shower customers with coupons and promotions, targeted at your re-ordering customers.


This platform creates custom branded mobile app ordering as well as applications for your website.

Splick-It also features in-app payment, and marketing and loyalty options for your apps. In-app payments is a feature that your customers will love because of its ease of use.

You can use Splick-It’s app platform, or you can integrate the ordering and payment API into the apps and website you already have.

A great feature for you is that you can integrate Splick-It with your point of sale system. In addition, it supports beacon-based ordering, email marketing and your loyalty program.


Another app your customers will love is Seamless.

Why? They’ll love it for its search capabilities. Consider the weekend you’re visiting New York City, and you’re looking for a place to eat. Your search will pull up more than 6,000 restaurants.

Your customers can search by ratings, price, distance, fees, delivery minimums, specials and cuisine. They can also search multiple choices at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Online ordering apps your customers will love are good for your restaurant.

Mobile ordering is skyrocketing, and your customers are demanding it.

According to one study, 25% of people have at least one restaurant app on their mobile phones.

What’s more, another study found that 56% of guests order from a restaurant’s website online daily, weekly, or monthly, while just 43% order “rarely” or “never.”

If you don’t have online ordering available through an app or on your restaurant’s website, you’re missing out.

Research from GrubHub points out most restaurants average a 50% increase in revenue and a 20% increase in takeout order volume when using an online ordering app.

By incorporating online ordering apps into your digital marketing, you’ll increase your restaurant’s reach, provide your customers with what they want when they want it, all while increasing your bottom line.

With an online ordering app, you can offer location-based deals, loyalty and referral programs, increased sales with the Millennial crowd and more meals served every day.

Isn’t it time you added value to your restaurant by making ordering easy and intuitive for your customers?

Do you have an online website with an interactive menu that’s attractive to your customers and site visitors? Your restaurant needs a responsive, mobile-friendly, interactive website. It’s the ideal way to highlight your restaurant while appealing to your customers.

At Restaurant Engine, we build responsive, mobile-friendly restaurant websites. Contact us today for your free website consultation. We are here to help you update your website and stand out in the crowd so you can stay ahead of your competition.

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