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How to Use Instagram to Get More Customers for a Coffee Shop

Instagram For Coffee Shop

Does your shop make fun coffee designs? Those are perfect for Instagram.

To date, Instagram has over 100 million subscribers.

Consequently, it is practically impossible to overlook Instagram when it comes to social media marketing. Whereas various businesses ranging from Starbucks to McDonalds have used Instagram to promote their respective brands, it is important to point out that the techniques that applied by a particular might not necessarily work for you.

Nevertheless, the information in this post is designed to assist you to get more customers on Instagram for your coffee shop.

1. Start by picking a handle that complements your business name

As is the case with any other social media marketing site like Facebook and Twitter, the first step to using Instagram to get more customers is picking the right handle. Coffee shops like Starbucks are quite easy to locate on Instagram primarily because the handles match the business name. For example, the handle for Starbucks is @Starbucks.

Nonetheless, if your coffee shop has a longer name, you will be forced to be creative. Still, you need to pick a name that makes it easy for prospective customers to search for you. If you are finding it hard to find a name that complements your business name, consider matching it with the name used on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

2. Link your Instagram account to other market leading social media sites like Facebook

Unknown to new Instagram users is that users on Instagram and Facebook are linked. Images that are posted on Facebook are also shared on Instagram. So your next step to using Instagram to get more customers is connecting your Instagram account to Facebook account.

By making the decision to cross-pollinate the two social media platforms will allow you to accumulate your audience.

3. Give a sneak peek to some of your products

Coffee Shop Scene

Bonus Tip: Your descriptions or captions are important on Instagram. This one could be something enticing like, “Don’t you wish you were here?”

Regardless of the nature of your business, customers love to be provided with insider information. So make an effort of taking pictures of some of the products served at your coffee shop and post them on Instagram.

For example, if you feel that the latte served at your coffee shop is slightly different from those served in other coffee shops take a picture of it and post it on Instagram and you will be surprised at how people react to it.

Make your Instagram followers feel like insiders. (tweet this)

4. Teach customers who frequent your coffee shop on how to make various cups of coffee using photos

Instagram can also be utilized as a tool for imparting useful information. A number of celebrity chefs have used Instagram in the past to reveal to their followers how to create certain popular or signature dishes. Because most people tend to learn using visual aids, you can provide a step-by-step guide on how to create certain cups of coffee or dishes.

5. Associate some of your products with celebrities

It is not a secret that celebrities have a huge following on various social media sites including Instagram. Therefore, try to discover different ways of associating some of the products served at your coffee shops with celebrities then proceed to publish the images on Instagram.

For example, post a picture of you sharing a cup of coffee with cake alongside a popular musician or actor. Even a local celebrity in your area can be a cool way to associate your brand with cool people.

6. Take advantage of the audience you have already established

Taking advantage of the audiences that you have already acquired is one of the best social media marketing strategies.

For example, use some of your photos on Instagram in areas where you have a strong audience. (tweet this)

Utilize images on Twitter as well as Facebook. Do not also forget to include images on your website as well as in the emails that you send to customers.

7. Include a call to action within the descriptions

Each time you are posting a photo on Instagram, make a point of asking your followers to do something. For example, get to know from them if they concur with some of the quotations you have included in a post. Get to know if they would like to be in a location where you have visited. The idea is to encourage more interaction. This is because the more people add comments to the photos you post on Instagram, the more they get to learn more about your brand.

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