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Social Media and Restaurants: The 6 Reasons Why You Need it

Social Media and Restaurants The 6 Reasons Why You Need it

Harness the power of social media to drive business to your restaurant.

Social media is vital to the success of your restaurant.

Did you know that according to one study by Social Media Today, 30% of millennial diners actively avoid restaurants with a weak Instagram presence?

That’s a strong number and just one of the many reasons why your restaurant needs a social media presence.

In this article, we look at social media and restaurants, and we uncover the six reasons why you need it.

#1: You Can Build a Community

One of the best things about social media is that it’s built around a community.

Using online accounts like Facebook, you can build relationships with current and potential diners. With high quality content, you drive engagement, build relationships, and enhance customer loyalty.

Building relationships is vital for restaurants. They want to interact with you on social media, and they want to see what’s going on in your restaurant.

By posting regularly, responding to reviews, answering questions, and engaging with your followers, you’ll reap the benefits of your online community.

#2: You Can Keep Diners Up to Date

Another benefit to social media is you can let your followers know what’s going on.

For example, if you’re power went out, you can quickly broadcast the news on your social media platforms. This helps let people know before they head over for dinner.

Likewise, you can broadcast events, coupons/promos/specials, and let people know about new menu items.

Your current and future customers will appreciate being “in the know.”

#3: You Can Increase Brand Awareness

One of the most important reasons why you need social media is to increase brand awareness.

Through a consistent posting strategy, you can increase your restaurant’s reach by highlighting your menu items on your online accounts. You can target people in your community on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok.

You’ll reach more people and introduce new customers to your restaurant. People are constantly discovery new businesses on platforms like Instagram, and if you want to be “found,” it’s time for you to home in on all social media has to offer.

When posting, keep to the same brand voice and brand colors. Use your logo and professional imagery and video. Post consistently, and you’ll soon find your restaurant is a local household name.

Social Media and Restaurants

Social media should be an integral part of any restaurant’s marketing strategy.

#4: You Can Improve Your Restaurant

Another benefit to social media is you can use it to make improvements in your restaurant and enhance the overall customer experience.

For example, you see an Instagram or Facebook user posting about your restaurant. Perhaps they weren’t happy with their experience. You can use this opportunity to reach out to them to find out how you can improve while also apologizing about their experience.

You do two things in this interaction. First, you learn where you can change things for the better. Second, you have the opportunity to earn this customer’s repeat business.

You can also learn where your restaurant is doing well. In this case, you can bring it to your staff’s attention so they know what they should keep on doing.

Bottom line, social media will help you improve the customer experience and eventually customer loyalty.

#5: You Can Increase Website Traffic and Drive Business to Your Restaurant

You want to use social media to generate traffic to your restaurant’s website.

By using social media posts and ads, you can encourage people to visit your website. Once there, they’ll either stop by for a meal, or they’ll use your online menu to order something to take home or be delivered.

The key here is to share great content from your blog and from your website. Use your social media channels to highlight web content and encourage people to click to learn more.

You can also use your paid ads to lead customers to a landing page where they can grab a coupon to use in your brick and mortar restaurant or online.

A tip: Always complete your social media profiles and include your website link in all of them.

#6: You Can Market Affordably

Social media is a marketing channel you really want to take advantage of because compared to other forms of marketing, social media is quite affordable. (tweet this)

Whether you’re just posting organic content, or you have a social media ad budget, you’ll find that your dollar goes a long way here.

You can grow your audience, drive traffic to your website and your restaurant, and increase your bottom line with the budget that works for you.

The best part about social media marketing is you set the budget.

Use social media as a pivotal touchpoint in your overall customer journey. Harness its free offerings such as daily posting and leverage its paid options as well for the best bang for your buck.

Final Thoughts

Social media is a powerful tool in your digital marketing arsenal. Social media is something your restaurant should invest in because it works. (tweet this)

The most successful restaurants are using a strong social media marketing strategy. They are planning posts by the week and by the month. They are constantly responding and engaging with customers.

Many are using live video as well as pay-per-click advertising.

You’ll find that the more emphasis you place on your social media, the more revenue you’ll drive to your restaurant.

One smart move you can make is to put at least one person or a team of people in charge of your social media accounts. Ask them to create a posting calendar and a marketing strategy.
One word of advice: just because someone says they know all about social media and they “post all the time” on their own platforms doesn’t mean they’re a great social media marketer and manager.

You want someone who can write well, optimize content, produce quality videos, and create professional, attractive imagery.

Look for someone with experience and proven results to manage your social media marketing strategy.

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