Restaurant Engine Launches!

Woo hoo! Break out the champaign! We’ve made it!

After months of sketches, wireframing, designing, coding, re-coding, beta testing, talking to customers, more testing, refining, and polishing, I’m thrilled to announce Restaurant Engine has officially launched.

With three beautifully crafted restaurant website templates (plus more on the way), and features designed to help your restaurant thrive on the web, it’s a great time to take a look at the benefits that Restaurant Engine has to offer.

Simple Pricing

When you hire a web designer to build your restaurant website, there are all sorts of costs involved.  A few thousand for the initial design and build, ongoing costs for maintenance & updates, web hosting, etc.  We decided to simplify things and offer a basic pricing model:

$49/month or $499/year (save 15% with the annual plan).  No setup fee, no hosting costs (that’s included), and you can use any design template from our collection (and customize it too!).  Plus, you can make your own updates whenever you want without calling up your web designer and incurring additional costs!

Get the full scoop on the Pricing page.

Partner Program

Along with the launch of our single-site plans described above, I’m also thrilled to introduce the Restaurant Engine Partner Program.  For those of you seeking to build a business reselling our white label website solution, this program was designed just for you!

Partners with multiple websites get discounts up to 40% off the regular rates!  Our tiered partner pricing model was designed to help you grow your consulting business.

See partner pricing and learn more about the Partner Program.

This is just the beginning…

We’re not resting now that we’ve officially launched.  We’re already hard at work improving features, designing new website templates, and more.  So stay tuned and keep giving us your feedback as we kick Restaurant Engine into high gear!


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