Pictures and Food: The 5 Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Them


Pictures and Food The 5 Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Them

Investing in professional photography for your restaurant makes good business sense.


As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth 1000 words.” This statement resonates clearly for people in the restaurant business.

What sells your menu items? Your photos sell them. Professional photography is vital as part of your overall marketing strategy.

When it comes to pictures and food, we’re going to look at the five reasons why you need to invest in them today.

To really highlight your dishes on not only your in-house menu, but on your website in your online menu and in all your digital marketing, your photos should be the star. (tweet this)

Let’s look at why you want to invest in professional photography to really make your restaurant shine.

#1: You Make a Lasting First Impression

Visual media creates a lasting memory in a viewer’s brain. This is why first impressions stick around.

A good photographer knows that the first time you see an image, it evokes a strong emotion. For example, you may see a visually appealing photo of a hamburger, and it evokes feelings of happiness. It may also make you hungry. But, if you were to see a photo of a hamburger that was less appealing, you may not have the same reaction.

You only have one shot at that first impression, so you want everything about your website and digital marketing photography to be top notch. Your images should speak for your entire restaurant.

Mouthwatering photos that evoke a positive emotion are what you’re after. You’ll find that customers are more likely to order from you when you have professional images on your website.

#2: You Show the Quality of Your Food

For the person who just discovers your restaurant website on a “find restaurants near me” search, your photography can show potential customers the quality of your food.

With beautifully done photography, you leave no doubt in the mind of customers as to whether or not you care about the quality of the dishes you serve diners. (tweet this)

Your photography increases trust and builds confidence. It tells your potential and current customers that you value everything you do. So, in a roundabout way it tells them you care about the inherent quality of your food and cleanliness of your kitchen.

Your potential customers will have no doubts that your food is excellent. By investing in professional photography, you’ll also have an edge over any of your local competitors, improving your sales in the process.

In addition, it’s a good rule of thumb to include photographs of every menu item on your website. What happens if you leave some out? This subconsciously tells customers those dishes weren’t worth their time.

Photograph everything, do it well, and highlight it on your website, social media, and email marketing.

pictures and food

Pictures and food…they define your restaurant and help with branding.

#3: You Get Better Search Results

Restaurant websites that optimize their beautiful images, provide alt tags, include captions, and write great content often see a surge in their search engine results pages.

Google likes well defined content. What’s more, when you take great care with your photography, your menu items will often show up in Google search image results.

So, take great photos and optimize your images, and you just may see a Google bump.

#4: You Increase Marketing Success

With professional food photography, you’ll find it’s easier to brand and market your restaurant.

You can use your professional food photos not only on your website but on your social media platforms and even on your restaurant menu.

Food photos can enhance your brand if you hire a photographer who understands branding and what your restaurant stands for.

What’s more, with a file folder full of professional photography, you always have content at the ready for a print ad, newspaper ad, billboard, email, Facebook ad, Google Business page or more.

As we mention Google, it’s important to use your professional photos not only in your Google Business posts but in your info section as well. A good tip is to add new photos to your Google Business page regularly. Google likes to see this content and may even reward you for it in search engine results.

#5: You Help Customers Make Decisions

It can be hard for many people to make a decision about what to eat.

You can help them make a more informed decision by investing in professional photography of your menu items.

For example, if you are an Italian restaurant, and you’re serving a fancy pasta dish, you can really help your customers by providing photos. Some chefs may prepare the dish differently, so by showing the item, you help customers decide if it looks like what they want.

In addition, you’ll find that professional pictures help with the upsell. Consider highlighting other items on each menu section of your website. For example, if a customer just ordered a hamburger, show them appetizers, salads, and desserts.

Your photos just may entice them to increase their order.

Final Thoughts

People remember 65% of what they see when it comes to imagery, but they only remember 10% of what they read or hear.

And good visuals attract more clients.

This is why the visual appeal of food pictures can’t be overlooked. They are a pivotal feature on your website and in all of your marketing. They are also the centerpiece of your in-house menu as well as your online menu.

To sell your dishes and highlight your incredible menu, it’s vital you invest in professional photography. Don’t rely on your smartphone or just any background behind your food. Hire someone who knows how to photograph food. This isn’t an easy task, so ask for examples of your photographer’s work.

Let your photographer’s artistic eye guide you along the way, and make sure you’re also a part of the process so the imagery is staying true to your restaurant brand.

By changing your pictures or adding photos to your marketing, you’ll soon find that your professional food photography will guide the way to an increase in business for your restaurant.

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Images: Farhad Ibrahimzade and Adam Bartoszewicz on Unsplash

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